Truth Tuesday ... GOAL!

Never did I think this day would come. I remember walking into my first official Weight Watchers meeting November 2, 2009 and being asked: What is your goal weight? Hmmm... sitting at 217.4 lbs I couldn't fathom what to write. So I figured out the weight that was at the top of the BMI Healthy Range for my height and went with that: 164 lbs. Wow! Was that a daunting task to look at or what? I would have to lose 53.4 lbs to make that happen. Wow! Could I do it? I had never stuck with a weight loss plan long enough to see a goal through. Would this finally be the time it clicked? Flash forward to November 8, 2011 - just over two years after that first Weight Watchers meeting and BAM! There is was on the scale starting back at me: a 1 then a 6 then a 3. I had done it. I had hit that magical day when I could say ... I HIT GOAL!!!!!

I couldn't laugh. I couldn't cry. I couldn't even smile. I was in such shock that it finally happened. I believe my exact words were: "FINALLY." I just felt a sense of relief wash over me. My hard work. My dedication. My time in the gym. My passing on the pizza. My turning down that offer to hit up the bars. All of that finally paid off.

On October 4, I weighed in at 165. I needed just 1 lb to hit goal and life got in the weigh. Between work and general business I missed four-consecutive WW meetings. Ugh, I was spiraling. I was weighing in at home, realized I had gained 3 lbs in 3 weeks and got refocused. Yesterday I got on the scale and saw a 2 lb lost since that long ago weigh-in...

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 163.0

Total Lost: 54.4

Pounds From Goal: -1.0 ;)

I still look at these numbers and can't believe I did it. But, for the first time in I think forever, I had one whole day where I thought only of positive things about myself. Yesterday, I allowed my brain to accept all the compliments, congrats and love from friends, family, Facebook world and the Twitter community. I allowed myself to relish in my accomplishment. I thought about the journey and gave myself an imaginary pat on the back.

What I loved about Weight Watchers through this entire journey (which is still ongoing) is that they allowed me to live my life. I didn't have to hide at home with frozen foods. I wasn't deprived of my loves: wine, beer, peanut m&ms, etc. I have learned how to truly live a healthier lifestyle, while still indulging my cravings ... just in moderation.

Sure, there were weeks where I completely fell off the wagon - we all remember the 6.6 lb gain one week - but WW was always there to pick me back up when I was ready.

The Healthy Guidelines have been an unmeasurable motivator. I try my best everyday to fulfill the 5 main Healthy Guidelines - healthy oils, liquids, veggies/fruits, vitamins, milk/milk products - and have felt such a difference since starting that plan. I just feel healthier when I check them all off. Plus, I love seeing the smiley faces when you complete the task on the iPhone app. ;)

I owe Weight Watchers, my leaders, my wife, my friends, my family and all my other supporters a huge Thank You for sticking with me while on this journey. But, I really need to thank myself. As I was talking to my dad yesterday, he said I could've kept putting losing weight off. During the past two years, I could've kept on the path I was on over the past two years and put more pounds on, but instead I took control. I was the one that signed up for Weight Watchers. I made myself attend the meetings. I make myself get up at 5:30am to go to the gym or out for a run. I am in control and it feels amazing. I am stronger and more valuable than I give myself credit ... and this journey has taught me that.

I really think hitting goal turned a little switch in my head. The positive self-affirmations came streaming out of me yesterday. More in one day than in the past few years combined ... and it felt awesome! I am worthy of the positive thoughts and I think it made hitting this milestone to make it click!

I had been toying with the idea of running my second Full marathon (and first since 2006) in 2012. I told my wife if I hit goal yesterday I would sign up ... and I did. I am going to OWN the Rock 'n Roll Full Marathon in Savannah, Georgia on November 3, 2012. I am ready for the challenge. I am ready to improve on my first marathon time (5:59).


As I let the 163 lbs since into my head, I could hear my doctor in the back of my mind: 155 ... 155. Prior to my back surgery in January, I had a physical and was discussing goal weight with the doc. I told him how my goal was 164 - the top of the healthy range on the BMI and asked his opinion. He said for my height I should really shoot for the middle of the BMI, which would be 155. Well, I am ready to take on the challenge. 155 may be unattainable for me, but I am ready to give it a go.

Pounds From New Goal: 8.0

 There is one thing I do know ... I will never go back to being that miserable, unhappy, unenergetic 217.4 lb person again.