Wordless Wednesday

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing something called Wordless Wednesdays where the blog post is mainly comprised of pictures and just some little snippets about each. I thought I would give that a whirl today... so here goes nothing! I went back through my iPhone and picked some of my favorites of 2011 ... especially since there are only 45 days left in the year!

Just a great picture that reminds me of Summer ... needed as it is 39 degrees today in Chicago!

Great moment of the summer: El, Sara and I hit up the NKOTBSB concert! Oh I wish it was still the 90s sometimes...

The first time I fit into a size 10 pants since probably 8th grade. Oh what a happy day!!

Isn't it beautiful? An amazing benefit of getting up at 5:30am over the summer to do my Half Marathon Training runs by the Lakefront.

A great reminder for all of us ...


What an awesome day this was! The opening of the Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers Center in Chicago. It was surreal to see my picture on the wall of Success Stories!

Finding my love of Spinning has been a lifechanger ... it is improving my attitude, my running and my overall love of working out!

Just reminding everyone of my Boston Pride :P

How time flies ... I cannot even believe that November 2 marked my 2-year anniversary with Weight Watchers. I can't thank WW enough for giving me life!

How can you say no to this face???

A screen I never thought I would see :) I really wish it had given off fireworks or something when it popped up though ;)

<3 the wife -- 11-12-10!


Not sure if that is the correct way to take part in Wordless Wednesday, but wow I feel better about myself after looking back at just a few of my blessings from the past year! It makes me more excited for my 2011 recap blog post in just 45 short days...