I am not a jeans person nor will I ever consider myself a jeans person. Having been someone that has been overweight most of my life, I just never felt comfortable in them. I don't see how wearing jeans makes someone feel more relaxed.

I owned one pair in high school and that was only because someone forced me to buy them - I don't remember why. I went to Catholic High School so we wore a uniform everyday, which made what to wear in the morning pretty easy. But when I did "dress down," it was always running pants or sweat pants.

I just felt more comfortable with the elastic band. I think because it allowed me kind of ignore the gradual weight gain - both in high school and later in college.

Additionally, when I think comfort, I just don't think jeans.

But, as I walked to work today in jeans, I realized ... I can tolerate them now. My company started "jeans Fridays" a couple months back and originally didn't think I would participate, but then I seemed to be the only person not doing it.

Now, that I am more comfortable with my body, I have become more comfortable with wearing clothes outside of my comfort zone - which include jeans. I think someone may have clicked when I went from wearing size 18 to a size 10.

Still, if someone told me I could wear my yoga pants on a daily basis, then I would . (I really never thought I would say that. I mean me comfortable enough to wear yoga pants out and about in the world. Crazy!)

I still only own one pair of jeans. Yes yes technically , I only wear one pair of multiple kinds of pants. Such is the life of someone in the thick of the weight loss journey. ;)


Is there one piece of clothing that you never thought you would into your regular rotation prior to losing weight?