Sparkly Soul Headband Review & Giveaway


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I love headbands. Okay let me rephrase. I have such out of control hair that I must love headbands. :) I used to buy all of my workout bands from CVS or Walgreens. But, those either gave me headaches or stretched out after one wear. So I am always on the search for better workout headbands. In came ...

Sparky Soul!

This is a relatively new company - I believe they have been around for just five months or so. They sent me a couple thin bands and a wide band to try out. Since my friend El is just as active as I am, but with more bangs ;) I gave her the wider band to try out for me.

I tried out the thin blue sparkly band. It is super cute as you can sort of see in the pic. :P

On Sunday I tried out the two thin Sparky Soul bands they sent me - one blue and one red - together while at my hour Spin class. I was not a fan of wearing two at the same time. I could feel them moving on my head during class. I think it might've been the pressure from wearing the two at the same time because...

When I wore the blue on its own tonight while on the Stairmaster for 30 min, it didn't move an inch. I actually forgot I was wearing it, which is a great thing when working out. I hate fussing when I am in the zone. :)

I liked the touch of Sparkle added to my workout look. It is a simple way to add a lil sass ... especially if you were doing a Zumba or Hip Hop class.

Also, I could easily wear this while running errands on the weekend. With the number of colors they offer, you can easily find any Sparkly Soul band to match your outfit.


Ellie was gracious enough to try out the wide Sparkly Soul band for me in her favorite color, Violet.

From El:

"As a runner with a very heavy bang and lots of little fly always around my face I am always on the look out for a great headband. What I love about the sparkly band is that it's very tight and keeps all of my hair off my face without being so tight that it gives me a headache. I find that most tight headbands tend to hurt after a while but sparkly band proved to be the exception. I love that the band is sparkly and girlie. When I'm exercising I'm not dressing up or wearing make up but it is fun to have a cute sparkly headband to give me a little hair flair during my run. These are great headbands for all the female runners out there who want a little sparkle during their workouts."


So from El and I ... we give Sparkly Soul bands two big thumbs up!! Give them a whirl and add a touch of sass to your workout!


And now the fun part … the giveawaySparkly Soul has agreed to give one lucky reader of my blog a free Sparkly Soul band of their own.

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