Three Things Thursday

Since I wasn't able to run this morning I couldn't do my normal "Half Marathon Training" update post so I had to get creative. I saw a couple other bloggers do a Three Things Thursday so I thought why not... :) 1) I am excited that in the almost three years we have been together (January 31 is official first date) this will be the first time the wife and I will spend Christmas together. We have zero plans. It will be a day of couch, movies, PJs and puppies. I think the wife is cooking up some homemade pizza - yes we will be figuring out the points for it. ;)

I am happy that we will spend the day together, but I am sad that I won't be with my family for the second-straight year. Sometimes it is really hard living a thousand miles away from everyone. Thankfully, my parents are coming out to Chicago January 26-29 to see my run the F^3 Events Lake Half Marathon. Yay!

I am an only child so I am used to being with my parents for the holiday. But I will be keeping our Christmas Eve tradition alive. We always ordered Chinese food, drank wine/beer (once I was of legal age of course) and watched my dad's all-time favorite movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. :) Last year with my back injury I wasn't able to fly home so it was the first year we had to watch the movie via speakerphone. We will do the same this year ... maybe I can teach them to Skype at some point. Yeah, probably not. :P

2) I have hit the 56lb mark and am extremely over the moon. But, as I took the train to pick up my friend from the hospital after he had surgery, I looked at my reflection in the train window and wondered - "When will my brain stop seeing the old me as my reflection and show the me I see in pics or that my friends see?"

I have been plugging away at this weight loss journey for over two years and have the eating and exercise part down, but still struggle on a daily basis with the mental part. I try to turn the negative thoughts in my head to positive, but so many times I catch my reflection and just see the old 217.4lb version. Not really what I want to see.

Anyone in the same boat? The mental hasn't fully caught up with the physical yet?

(Note: my mental has greatly improved since I hit my first goal weight)

3) I would like to thank all of you taking the time to read my ramblings. I know there are plenty of blogs out there that are written better, have better advice, have had more success, yet you take the time to stop by my space. I appreciate that so much. You hold me accountable and keep me going... Big hugs to all of you! :)