Truth Tuesday - 2.2 lb Loss

Since my office is closed this week, there was no at work meeting so it was time to check out what will be my regular meeting once the at work program ends in three weeks. I will be switching from an 11am weigh-in to an 8 am weigh-in. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I knew I had done my best this week (especially since the wife and I had a low key weekend). So I stepped on the scale and ... I lost 2.2 lbs! Woo! You know what this really means? I AM IN THE 150s!!! Okay, it is 159.2, but it is a 1 followed by a 5! I am beyond psyched - especially since I started 2011 in the 180s (186.4)! Woo! 

Today: Lost 2.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 159.2

Total Lost: 58.2

Pounds From New Goal: 4.2

I am on Cloud 9 today! If you asked me in 2009 if I thought it was possible for me to lose almost 60 pounds and be in the 150s in a little over two years, I would've called you CRAY CRAY!

I texted my normal crew about my loss and I was so happy to get the following text from my dad "and lost it in a healthy way." Exactly dad! I didn't go the route I went before - not eating is not the answer - instead I put the time in. I have made me, my health, my life ... a priority. Believe me, there is never and will never be a day when I don't think about my battle with eating disorders, but now I know I am stronger than that. I can eat and lose weight.

I have never felt healthier and stronger than I do now. I am so thankful for Weight Watchers Healthy Guidelines. I have really made an effort to fill those every day and my body appreciates that.


I want to thank each of you again for taking the time to read this little piece of the Internet I call home. The support, accountability and motivation you all give me cannot be measured. The high fives, bravos and congratulations as well make me smile. I had tweeted earlier that I hoped to bottle up all the love today to keep around when I am feeling blue and one lovey Dacia sent me this (I promptly started tearing up from the love):

"@IrishEyes1982 for you: one coupon good for warm, fuzzy, happy, supportive, loving words to be redeemed at any time. *never expires"

The online community (Twitter, Facebook & blogging) I have become a part of has picked me up and kept me going on this journey more times than I can count. I wish I could meet each and every one of you and give you a big hug! :)


The wife bought me a new blender today since the one we have is old and difficult to use. This new one is lighter and transportable, which is huge. I will need to stay in a hotel for five days in January and then I will be in AZ for work for six weeks in February/March and now I can make my WW protein smoothies while out of the house. Yay!


So I have three more at work meetings - January 3, 10, 17 - before I permanently move to the 8:30am meeting on Tuesdays. Here is my game plan since I don't want to switch back to weighing-in at 11am: I will head to WW at Wilson Yard to weigh-in at 8am, but then attend my regular work meeting. I will at least give it a whirl on January 3 and see how it goes.


How did Truth Tuesday treat everyone else?