Truth Tuesday - 3.4 lb Loss

I was looking for a good weight loss this week after the gain last week. I was trying to lose all 5 lbs, but I knew that wasn't realistic so I am pretty happy with what I did see. I lost ... 3.4 lbs!! :) Today: Lost 3.4

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 164.8

Total Lost: 52.6

Pounds From Original Goal: 1.8

Pounds From New Goal: 9.8

I feel amazing this week. I kicked off my Dynamic December challenge and am loving it. It is a great motivator and a community to keep me in check. :) I have gotten back to the basics of Weight Watchers - the time when I first started and I tracked, measured and looked up the points values of everything I ate ... and I am noticing the difference. Additionally, I worked out for at least 30 min everyday this week and it helped lift my energy for the week.


This week we learned more about the new tweaks that Weight Watchers unveiled for the 2012 season. For me, I am a-okay with them. To be honest, they don't really affect me - besides losing a point on my day. I don't mind the points still dropping as long as I have enough points to fulfill my Healthy Guidelines - I can supplement the rest with water and 0pt fruits/veggies.

Since starting Weight Watchers, I have never felt hungry or deprived ... and THAT is why I think I have been able to stick with the plan and succeed.


I am honored to have the chance to speak at not one, but two Weight Watchers centers grand openings this weekend. As I am still on this journey, I can't believe people would want to hear from me. But, I am excited. I enjoy sharing my love for Weight Watchers, exercise and the weight loss journey I am on.

I can't wait to tell you how it goes. :) And unlike the Jennifer Hudson opening ... I will actually be speaking. ;)


Along the same lines as the WW openings, I was actually chosen to be featured in a Time Out Chicago issue about fitness. I was interviewed by the reporter and last night took part in the photo shoot. I can tell you I have never had as much makeup as I had on last night. ;) They wanted to film me doing something that I wouldn't have done before the weight loss - so they filmed me Spinning.

It was a surreal experience. I am not one used to getting my picture taken - let alone professionally. The people were super nice and I think they did a great job. Well, I will find out when the issue comes out on December 29. :)