Weight Watchers Openings

So this weekend I was honored to be chosen by my leader Lisa to be a Success Story at two Weight Watcher Center Openings here in Chicago. I was thrilled. Especially since I don't totally see myself as a success story since I technically haven't hit goal yet (since I lowered it) and I am not a Lifetime member yet. But, with some prodding from my friends and fellow WW members, I gladly accepted the title. :)

This is the picture I use whenever I am asked for a before and after shot. This was taken two years to the day. Pictures really help to put the weight loss into perspective. (Which is why I recommend to all to track your progress through pics, it is something I regret not doing)

The first Opening was Saturday from 1-3. Thankfully my wife was able to join me at the event. Well, only one person showed up not counting the wife. That kind of hurt. I thought there would be more people - like at the Jennifer Hudson Center Opening - but I guess I am not as big of a draw as her. ;) But, we made the most of the afternoon. We started by watching one of the WW leaders, Mary, make three different WW smoothie recipes, which my wife loved!! Then each success story (3 of us) got up and gave our little schpeal. It is always nice to hear about other people's journeys. Then it was mini boot camp time. Wow! I was definitely feeling that. It hurt in a good way. It also showed me how much stronger I have gotten over the past two years ... and how I need to get my butt into weight training more. :) If only I could afford bootcamp/a trainer on a regular basis.

Anyone want to donate to that fund? ;)

Overall, it was a great experience/afternoon. I even got these kickass WW cookbooks as a thank you for attending.

After asking all about the WW smoothies, I finally took the plunge and bought the WW creamy chocolate smoothie mix. After chatting with other WW members and people telling me I need more protein in my diet, I thought why not. So the smoothie I made this weekend (and am now obsessed with) is 1 package of the WW creamy chocolate smoothie mix (2 pts) + 1 cup Silk Light Vanilla Soy Milk (2 pts) + 6 Ice Cubes + Blender = 4 pts Chocolate Smoothie that was filling, delicious & filled both my WW dairy requirements! A win, win, win in my book. :)

After going through Saturday's Opening, I knew what to expect on Sunday. The wife couldn't make it, but thankfully my friend (and fellow WWer) Ellie was able to join me. The other Success Stories also brought a friend so we had a couple more people in the audience than the first day. But, it still wasn't the jam packed meeting room I had thought would be there. I just love the WW program so much that I want everyone to join. ;)

We had the same programming as Saturday, including the mini boot camp. After attending Spin class that morning, my legs were feeling pretty shot on Sunday, but I still completed the mini bootcamp and felt accomplished. :)


There may not have been that many people in attendance, but it was a great experience that reenforced my love of WW. I just love that you meet other members and instantly have a connection. I love sharing what WW is about and the change that it is brought in my life.

I really do hope to one day be a WW leader. The accountability alone would keep me on track not to mention the satisfaction of helping others on their journey. Being there for their ups and downs. Giving out Bravo stickers & charms. Helping to break through a plateau. Seeing the transformation that happens physically, mentally and emotionally.

Maybe someday, but for now. I will plug along and work to hit Lifetime (since that is a prerequisite for being a leader). I will continue to learn from the WW successes around me and motivate my fellow members.