Truth Tuesday - No Weigh-In

So I completely slept through my weigh-in this morning. I think the stress from moving/going away parties/Half Marathon on Saturday/etc caught up with me and I snoozed right through this morning's weigh-in. I started to freak out that it would affect by path for Lifetime, but thankfully you don't have to weigh in each of the six weeks - you just have to weigh in twice during the six week period - within two pounds of goal. Phew! So basically I need to get myself back on track when I hit Boston January 31 and be ready for the February 21 weigh-in to make Lifetime. I will get back to regularly weighing in when I get to Boston anyway. I like weighing in once a week. The accountability is huge for me ... plus it keeps me in check.


I am also looking into a new Weigh-In outfit. The one I have been wearing is a simple white sleeveless shirt and a skirt. Well the skirt is a size 14 ... which is slightly big. Okay, huge! I can slip it on and off without unzipping it. :P I think I will kick off Boston weigh-ins in a brand new weigh-in outfit.

Do you all have something you wear each week to weigh-in or do you switch it up?