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That's right, Brad was so excited about the giveaway he let me pick not 1, but 5 winners!! YAY! Congrats to you all and thanks to everyone that entered!!


For most of my life, I HATED running ... like would do anything to avoid running or even jogging for that matter.

I disliked running so much that I tried to play sports that involved the least amount of running --- catcher in softball, setter in volleyball and defense in lacrosse, to name a few.

But then something changed. I REALLY wanted to lose weight and figured running would be a good way to burn calories.

So in January 2005, I took the plunge.

I started by running 1/2 a mile a few times a week at the gym treadmill during the first week of January.

In the second week of that month, I ran - okay jogged - 3/4 a mile a few times a week.

Each week I worked on upping my mileage by just 1/4 of a mile. I felt that was a doable amount.

Did I really know what I was doing? Not so much. I was winging it.

I had many friends and family members that were runners, but felt like such a loser that I didn't really ask them for advice.

And when I started running there wasn't a social media group I could turn to for advice.

So I just did the best I could come up with.

I started my journey in January 2005 and ran my first 5k in March 2005 (38:21). It was fun and my dad ran with me the entire time. Thankfully my dad ran with me for most of the first races I completed.

We kept it going until I ran my first half marathon (Hyannis Half) in February 2006 (2:20:18) and my first full marathon (Clarence De Mar) in September 2006 (5:59:27).

But, I was undertrained for that marathon. I again didn't have anyone to turn to for advice so I just searched the internet and tried to use a training program to help. However, during the training period I got injured - IT band - so I was still nursing the injury and ill-prepared for that full marathon and it showed in the results. I walked for probably 6-7 miles of that 26.2 miles, but I finished.

Then promptly stopped running ... for years.

Yup that's right. I started running for about 21 months and then gave it up.

I finally gave it another shot in June 2011  and this time I reached out to friends and social media for help.

Now, I have sounding boards for racing tips, training schedules and learning how important cross training really is.

And I couldn't be happier! Having the help and support of knowledgable runners can make all the difference.

So that brings me to the GIVEAWAY!

My twitter friend and the creator of the #7daychip, Brad Gansberg, has graciously offered up his services to one lucky reader!!

Brad is a running coach and offers a couple different services through his website.

For this giveaway, he is allowing me to give away one Basic membership ($99 value) to his Running 101 program:

Running 101 is designed to teach the non runner how to successfully complete their first 5K run in 100 days.  The program will help you reach this goal using a series of 46 instructional videos, which will cover all topics necessary for success.  The program will also include a 15 week training schedule, which will take you step by step, from short runs, all the way up to a non-stop 5K.  Lastly, I will be there to support you, and share all that I have learned through my years of teaching and training others.

If you have always wanted to learn how to run, but never knew how, this is the program for you.

How awesome does this sound?

The Basic Membership includes:

This plan has everything you need to successfully complete my programs.  It includes 15 weeks of planned workout schedules, which will help to ensure that you stay on the right track.  It also offers weekly video lectures (over 45 in total) covering every topic needed to reach your goal.  Lastly, you will have access to my extensive members only library, which provides answers to the most common running related issues and questions. While basic plan members do not have personal contact with me, they will have access to my years of coaching knowledge, offered through the program materials.

Giveaway is open from February 11 (today) through Midnight on February 17!!

Here's how to enter:


**Don't worry folks! If you are not selected as the winner, Brad offers a #freerunning101 program that you can check out at anytime here. Through the #freerunning101 program offers everything you need (including videos) to run a 5k in 100 days.