Breakin' Down My RunnerBox

I blame Facebook. Haha.

Do you need more explanation?

I blame Facebook for opening my eyes to new addictions.

The latest.


RunnerBox's website describes the service as:

RunnerBox is a subscription based box for runners, triathletes and other active people. It is a mini shoebox filled with running products, mailed to your front door. It has everything from energy products, gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, skincare, and other accessories! Some products will be brand new (but personally tested) on the market, and some will be tried and true favorites. With so many products coming out on the market, leave the trials and testing to us, we’ll search out the best and send them to you!

How could I NOT sign up for it after reading that description?


I mean seriously.

RunnerBox offers a few different subscriptions for varying prices - one box: every month, every other month, every six months or you can give one box as a gift.

Same options are available for the Tribox - a box clearly geared towards triathletes! ;)

So I made and account, signed up on Friday (April 5) for $15.70 a month (which is one box a month) and received my first box in the mail on Monday (April 8)!

(Note: I was contacted by RunnerBox letting me know they actually mailed me the bi-monthly subscription box - which retails for $25.70 per order. They will be mailing me out the correct box for the $15.70 subscription soon. SOOO the info below is for the $25.70 box that you would receive every other month.)

2013-04-08 14.31.44

Do you want to know what was inside?

Well of course you do. That was a dumb question. ;)

It started with a kick ass quote...

2013-04-08 14.33.23

... and turned into Christmas!

2013-04-08 14.47.17


So what exactly did the RunnerBox include...

(Descriptions from the neon green sheet in the picture above ... disclaimer: RunnerBox discounts removed from the descriptions since they were given to RunnerBox subscribers)

Injinji Socks: The original performance lightweight performance series toesock = no blisters

 2013-04-10 22.37.02

SiMbi hair-bracelets: beautiful, functional, and each SiMbi sold purifies 1 gallon of water a day and creates jobs for the people of Haiti. Excellent.

 2013-04-10 22.37.38

Win Detergent: for tech fabrics making garments last longer, smell fresher and perform better.

2013-04-10 22.37.51

Clif ShotBlocks Energy Chews: Semi-solid easy to chew sources of carbs and electrolytes that taste great!

2013-04-10 22.38.05

Energybits: 100% natural organic spirulina tablets.


Slik Skin Strong: Prevents chafing and more in a convenient spray.

2013-04-10 22.39.13

Chocolate #9 Gel: Tastes so good you'll want to run just so you can eat it.

2013-04-10 22.39.38

Recover Bars: All natural bar designed to replenish depleted muscle glycogen stores for faster recovery

2013-04-10 22.39.50

Huma Gel: An all natural chia seed based gel with Omega 3's and gluten free.

2013-04-10 22.40.00

Cytomax Sports Drink packs: lowers acid level during and after training.

2013-04-10 22.40.16

Skora Shoes: *product discount coupon only*

Zensah Compression: *product discount coupon only*


I would say that is one sweet haul for $25.70 don't you?

The only product I have tried so far were the Energy bits, but I had been sent a free sample of their product BEFORE my RunnerBox arrived.

Besides Energybits, I have yet to have time to try any of the other products as I finish prepping for Monday's Boston Marathon. But I will make sure to do so afterwards. I don't want to try anything new this close to the race.

I can't wait to see what May has to offer!! :)


Has anyone else ordered a RunnerBox? Have you participated in another monthly subscription program?