I heart Vitalicious.


I didn't know about the company and it's amazing products until I joined Weight Watchers in 2009. Since one of my fellow members brought them up in a meeting, I've been hooked.


Why you may ask?

Because they are freakin' amazing - that's why.

Duh! :P

And they sometimes offer a deal where you can get a special Vitalicious container to keep my Vitatop from getting smooshed in my bag.


As their website states:

Vitalicious® Inc. is the market leader of innovative "vital and delicious" baked goods that promote a healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing taste. First to market with 100-calorie servings, Vitalicious® is leading the way to a holistic approach to maximize satisfaction with minimum calories, with products that are low fat and high in fiber and nutrients ... Here at Vitalicious® our mission is simple: to make healthy and delicious baked goods that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

And they live up to their claim.

Vitalicious offers a variety of products in a wide array of flavors ... all ranging from 1-4 Weight Watchers points each.

The company offers a full muffin - vitamuffin - which are available in three flavors: BlueBran, CranBran and Deep Chocolate. Personally, I don't each these all that often, but friends say they are all tasty.

Vitatops is where it's at for me. :)

VitaTop™ 100 calorie muffin tops have all of the healthy benefits of our delicious VitaMuffin™ - now even more convenient to carry and eat on-the-run. The VitaTop™, a "one-hand" satisfying snack food with the portability of an energy or granola bar, is easy to eat anywhere, anytime. At your desk or on the road, these handy muffin tops fit conveniently into a purse, briefcase, work out bag, backpack and lunchbox.

I can't say it better myself. Rarely will you find me without a Vitatop in my pocketbook. I love to snack on them before or after a morning gym trip. If I need to eat breakfast on the run, I will go with a Vitatop since it won't spill all over my car or the subway.

There are over 17 flavors of Vitatops to choose from, but my Top Two are easy: Banana Chocolate Chip (2 PP) and Chocolate Mint (3 PP).


Since there are no artificial additives or preservatives in Vitalicious products, they can be found in the freezer section of your local grocery store. In order to have my Vitatop ready to go for breakfast, I've made it part of my routine to put it out on the counter the night before with my vitamins. :)

If muffins aren't your thing, Vitalicious also offers VitaBrownies.


You pop one of these in the microwave and seconds later you have a decadent treat ... without the calories!

But, my latest find come through at just 50 calories a piece (1 PP) and are my FAVORITE dessert.

What are they?


When these little babies first launched, the only flavor available was Fudgy Chocolate.


Pop it in the microwave and 25 seconds later you have a ooey gooey chocolate masterpiece. ;)

And if you need a little more of a kick, I suggest pairing it with some strawberries and fat-free cool whip. (Whole dessert would still be just 1 PP on Weight Watchers)


Doesn't that look amazing?

And now Vitalicious is finally offering a NEW flavor of VitaCakes ... Chocolate Raspberry.


I was lucky enough to have a sample sent to me from Vitalicious!!

And let me tell you they are YUMMY!


The raspberry wasn't too overwhelming, which sometimes flavors can be. I like a good chocolate to raspberry ratio - and this was spot on.

I pop it in the microwave for 25 seconds - as I mentioned before - and it melty and amazing. :)

If you are interested in Vitalicious products, you can purchase them in the freezer section of your local grocery store or Vitalicious.com. Make sure you register for their daily emails as they are known to offer some great product deals!

Have you become a Vitalicious addict? If so, what is your favorite product and flavor.