Boston, Are YOU Ready For H.Bloom?

What? It's Sally's Birthday at the end of the week... How could I forget Mother's Day ... again?

Where do I even start planning flower arrangements for the wedding?

It's our anniversary tomorrow? Are you sure?

Well, everyone will send flowers to congratulate her. I need a new option!

I'm tired of fake flowers in the waiting room.


Have YOU uttered one - or all - of the above phrases before?

C'mon - show of hands!!

I won't tell anyone, but what I will share is a new company I just heard about coming to Boston on June 11th.

H.Bloom is a floral and gift delivery service that is known for arranging the world's most luxurious flowers for both business and residents.

And did I mention COMPLIMENTARY HAND DELIVERY for subsriptions?!?!

In Boston, H.Bloom will be working with high-end chocolatier L.A. Burdick and cookies from Tatte

They are known for such clients as Ivanka Trump and the Four Seasons to name a couple.

I mean how cool would it be to tell your significant other or your boss that you bought only the best by going through Ivanka Trump's favorite flower company.

I'm thinking major bonus points here.

But, you are thinking: "Dani, I don't have Ivanka Trump's budget?"

Don't you worry, I'll lend you some.

I kid. :)

H.Bloom is affordable. How? Well the company figured out a way to reduce their spoilage rate to less than 2%. Most florists have to throw away 30-50% of their flowers (WOW!), and because H.Bloom avoids this, they can pass on big savings to customers.



(Note: when you click on one of the options at the top of the website, they ask for your zip code to confirm that they deliver to your area. Since they do not deliver to Boston/Cambridge/Brookline - until Tuesday - I used one of the pre-approved zip codes just to check the site out!)

After scoping out the website, which was easy to navigate, they have a handful of different services:

1) Gifts & One-Time Deliveries include:

*Flowers & Plants (Freshly-cut seasonal bouquets and unique potted gifts) starting at $40


*Chocolates (Delicately crafted artisanal chocolates made from the finest ingredients) starting at $24


How cute are the little mice?

*French Macarons (Delicate and airy confections that are just as chic as they are delicious) starting at $34

*Candles & Soaps (Beautifully packaged, luxuriously scented candles and soaps) starting at $32

2) Subscriptions - The nice thing about a floral subscription service is that you can set it and then forget it, by selecting how frequent they want flowers delivered to their door (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). H.Bloom offers four types: Classic, Contemporary, Exotic and Orchid, which seems to offer something for everyone!

This also seems like a great options for businesses so your clients always see and smell beautiful arrangements in the waiting room or conference rooms.

3) Hero - This option has two offers: a one-time delivery (Hero For A Day) or three separate scheduled deliveries (Superhero).

I want to be a superhero ... that is why I wear Superman socks when I run. ;)

4) Weddings

We look forward to working with you to design the perfect floral for your wedding celebration, from sophisticated bridal bouquets to elegant centerpieces.

Schedule a complimentary design consultation by filling out the form [on the site] or emailing us at


Don't those options sound great?

But, wait there's more ...

H.Bloom has an app for that!

That's right. If you have an iPhone, you can download the mobile app.


While H.Bloom currently has studios in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C, they WILL be coming to Boston/Cambridge/Brookline starting Tuesday, June 11th.

Are you ready to be a Hero to your loved one? :)