Check In!

So I haven't checked in on the normal life here for a while. I think since the Fall of 2013 I have been stuck in racing/training mode.

This space is set up for both the emotional and physical side of my journey.

I can honestly say that for now I am OK.

I am not horrible. I am not AMAZING.

I am fine.

I am currently going through a 31-year-old crisis as to what I need to do in life.

But I know I can't and won't go back to where I started.

You all keep me super motivated to continue on my healthy lifestyle.

There are times however that I struggle. You all know that. I am happily honest about it.

I wish maintenance was all rainbows and unicorns, but for me it isn't. I am two years into maintenance and still trying to find the balance as my life changes.


When I was losing weight, my life was work, work and more work. I never had to worry about social engagement or vacations or parties. It was easy to focus.

When we decided to move to Boston, I felt like I was becoming a New Member at Weight Watchers all over again.

I am still working to find the balance ... especially since I travel so often now for races (which I am wicked thankful for!).

So for now I keep trying different combinations of food and activity that work for me and my racing schedule.

While I may stumble and struggle emotionally, I will never derail myself enough to go back to where I came from.

I have moved on leaps and bounds from the girl who started this blog back in May 2011.

Thanks for tuning in for this journey!