What If Everybody Ran?

The Macarena.


Beanie Babies.


Boy Bands - especially NKOTB!



You may be wondering where I'm going with all this... besides to one AWESOME place!

What do those three things have in common?

You have any idea?

You too busy singing Hangin' Tough? I know - my bad!

These three things were all national movements ... at least in my opinion!

They are crazes that shook the Nation and spread joy and lifted spirits throughout the land.

So what will be the next movement to riase the Nation's spirits...


... could it be running?

Let's find out!

Mizuno USA teamed up with  the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School for an in-depth statistical analysis. UNC's job?

Simple. Explore the question: "What if everybody ran?"


The UNC Research Team poured over extensive academic and scientific studies and used stats from the US Census Bureau for their calculations.

Did you know the US Census Bureau estimates that of the 320 million Americans - 270 could realistically be converted to regular runners? I had no idea!

Now the math nerd in me loves hearing about the calculations and stats, but I know not everyone is as cool as me. ;) So we will get to the good stuff.

Buuuut, before looking at the official results, I know my life has improved ten-fold since welcoming running into it. I fought running for so long and now I can't imagine my life without it ... It picks me up when I am down. It allows me to push myself outside my comfort zone. It gives me freedom. It's there for me when no one else is. It shows up rain or shine. It's helped to give me purpose.

Okay Okay Okay here are the official results!


If Everybody Ran, there would be:

*37 percent more smiles!


*29.3 million happier marriages


*63 million happier dogs (based on increased walks/runs)


*Increased average life expectancy of 6.2 years in men and 5.6 years in women.


So what are we all waiting for?

What if everybody ran? Share your thoughts on social media using hashtag: #IfEverybodyRan