*REVIEW* Mizuno's #WaveRider18 Will Help You Realize The Power Within

Can a shoe truly help you realize the power within? Absolutely.

It could be a shoe, a wallet, a piece of clothing or simply seeing the words written on a wrapper that could potentially change how we view ourselves and what we are capable of doing. The important piece of the puzzle is that you are open to the journey that will follow.

Thanks to Fitfluential and Mizuno Running I had the opportunity to take the journey through a sponsored campaign (value $119.99). Thanks folks! But as we all know - ain't nobody got time for lyin' so all of my reviews show my true feelings!! Ya feel me? ;)


Harness the positive energy of every step

When the Mizuno #WaveRider18 sneakers showed up on my doorstep I couldn't hold back the squeal of excitement that flew out of my mouth. The colors. The colors people. These gorgeous little shoes were a beautiful black, silver and Florida Keys combo. I didn't know what Florida Keys meant, but I can tell you it is spectacular!! Am I right?


Wave Rider 18s are lightweight at 7.8 oz

My first rule of thumb when receiving a new pair of sneakers: Take them out on a walk before running! It helps me to get a feel for the style before bringing in my  running form.

I immediately leashed up the pups and took the shoes for a walk around the river.


Laney watching over my new Wave Rider 18s

I had some lacing issues the first time around meaning I was keeping the shoes a little too tight leading to some discomfort. Taking the sneakers for a walk for the win.

Mizuno adopted the inspirational influence of the Japanese concept of “Hado,” the intrinsic vibrational life force energy that promotes powerful transformations. 

Since having back surgery in January 2011, I never take a run for granted and look to embrace how every run will enhance my running journey.

This first test run was no different. The new Wave Rider 18 provides the ideal balance of fit and performance, making it the choice for runners seeking a smooth ride in a sleek, lightweight daily running shoe.


The Dynamotion® FitTM upper and a modified outsole pattern gives the shoe added durability and an improved underfoot feel.

Power from within moment: I thought about how strong I was to go out of my comfort zone and head to Runner's World Half & Festival weekend with an amazing group of bloggers that next week. Would I fit in? Would I be cool enough? I didn't know. I did however pat myself on the back for trying.


It was a crisp fall afternoon in Boston as I laced up for my first of two runs on Wednesday. I was training for the Runner's World Hat Trick, which is three races in two days.


Mizuno’s patented Wave Technology® delivers maximum responsiveness and a harmonious feel, providing “just enough” support for your run.

So run #1 of the afternoon led me to crash a local high school cross country meet ... Oops!! Splits: 8:26, 8:16, 8:18, 4:14. Seeing those 14-15-16 year old boys fly by me as they cruised through their 1-2 mile races immediately had me self-doubting myself. Asking why I should bother being out on the course.

Power of within moment: I peeked down, caught a glimpse of those lightweight beauties and dug deep remembering that no matter my speed I was worthy of finishing that run. I was meant to run.



I've taken the journey through Wave Riders 16s, 17s and 18s and the 18s come out as my favorite. The 18s provide a stable ride from landing to toe-off, while eliminating the distortion caused by stress the foot naturally puts on footwear. You know what I mean, right? When that first part wears out before any other portion does and you start feeling all wonky?

So if you aren't a neutral runner I suggest you give these shoes a try! They are really trying to take all runners into account.


As I continue to weave the Wave Rider 18s into my rotation of sneakers, I work on what feat I will tackle next, how will I push on through adversity and what I can do to inspire others to do the same.

You may laugh at what a shoe has done for me in a short period of time, but I challenge you to do the same. Step back, lace up those sneakers and see what you learn about your soul while hitting the pavement.

I promise you you will learn more about what you are willing to risk and try than if you hadn't.


How will YOU realize the power within?