Have You Heard of #WWCHAT?

Do you love Weight Watchers? Do you want to learn more about what Weight Watchers is about?

Do you love Twitter?

Do you love chatting?

Do you love connecting with new friends?

Do you love me?

Woah! I went a little off base there. My bad. :P


I've been attending Weight Watchers meetings since November 2, 2009 and couldn’t imagine my life without them. The ideas and suggestions from the group are great AND they gave me a sense of belonging. Sometimes during my life I felt like I was the only person dealing with certain problems, but joining Weight Watchers showed me that I wasn’t alone – people “got” my struggles.

Thanks to Weight Watchers I have shed 64 lbs (took me 2 years and 2 months to reach goal) and I have been working on maintenance since February 2012.

Social media enhanced my meeting room experience. I feel like I always have people in my corner or someone to turn to when I need help. Or if I need a reminder to step away from the cupcake. ;)

Twitter and Facebook have opened my eyes to so many new Weight Watchers friends. It is amazing to connect with folks from all over the world that enjoy the WW program as much as I do. It also gave me an avenue to motivate/inspire WW members that do not get the meeting room experience – the online only members.


Twitter chats are fun ways to connect with other members of the Weight Watchers community and get some great support and motivation.

Since October 16, 2013, we have "met" each Wednesday night from 8pm-9pm Eastern Time to discuss different Weight Watchers topics using the hashtag #wwchat. There are usually 5-7 questions posed by me (@IrishEyes1982) for folks to answer.

Each week I hope participants find motivation, get tips, make new WW friends and find a sense of community like that in the WW meeting room.



Still want to know more? I asked some participants to share why they like #wwchat so much and here is what they had to say:

"I've only participated a few times, but I love having a group of other like-minded people on the same journey to bounce ideas off of, and get inspired by." - Amy, @amyjrock

"It's the perfect midweek pick me up! My meetings are Saturday so it just really helps me stay motivated and focused during the week. I look forward to it all day on Wednesday. It's also a great source of tips & tactics." - Angela, @lovelysplendor

"Here's what I love the most - people on the same path as me, who are closer in age to me than my meeting. Don't get me wrong, I love my WW "moms" but sometimes it's hard to relate or be related to because we are at different points in our lives. Our weekly chat helps me in that way, by connecting me to people who are on similar journeys in more than one sense." - Kristen, @kitenarie

"I love being able to chat with other people around the country- and world- who are similar in age and struggle with some of the same things I struggle with. It's good to feel like you have support especially if you don't have a great "real life" meeting." - Sarah, @SparklyRunner

"It's like a giant virtual WW party where it doesn't matter where you are on your journey or where you have been...you're accepted. You opinions & suggestions are appreciated." - Suzi, @SuziStorm


Will you be joining us for #wwchat?