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Rejuvenated. Alive.





These are just a few of the words I can choose to describe how I feel when I run. Now there are some less PG ones as well, but we will leave those to the imagination. ;)

When I share with people - okay strangers - that I enjoy running. The first question is normally: Why? Because I like to drink beer and I would like to keep the 80 pounds I lost off. :P No? Is that not right? ;)


While the initial question is obvious, the follow-up can be anything. My favorite follow up is easy:

How does it make you feel?

When this question is posed I start looking off into the distance, a smile starts appearing on my face and I'm instantly pulled back to a certain day, time, place or race.

Courageous --- when I took on the challenge of the inaugural Dopey Challenge, where I completed 48.6 miles (5k, 10k, Half, Full) in four days.

Blessed --- to be running at all. After having back surgery in January 2011, I was told I wouldn't run again. But I proved that doctor wrong.

Confident --- enough to sign up to complete two marathons within six days (Boston Marathon and Rock 'n' Roll Nashville Marathon) with Tedy's Team in honor of my Stroke Heroes.

Happy --- to have found something that brings joy to all aspects of my life and has opened so many amazing doors for me and brought the absolute most outstanding people into my life.


Sooooo when Newton Running asked me to take part in The Run It , FEEL It, Spell It Challenge campaign, I jumped at the opportunity.


For those that don't know Newton Running is a leading performance running shoe brand with the patented dynamic, Action/Reaction Technology™ platform for enhanced performance and comfort. Plus, you can’t miss the colorfully inspired, bold look. Once you feel Newton Running, there’s no going back.

While we know running boasts physical, mental and social benefits, the feel of the experience is what hooks many of us. To be able to feel the ground beneath you and to connect to your surroundings, with the ability to go as far as you desire. To feel free, alive, empowered and a part of something. It’s all about the feel. And that’s what The Run It , FEEL It, Spell It Challenge celebrates.

Newton Running is partnering with Timex to ask runners nationwide to express how running makes them feel by spelling out words with their run routes, launching a first-ever initiative on this scale.

Inspired by Newton’s new feel Campaign and an emerging trend among runners, which has seen a runner in Hampshire, UK propose to his fiancé by spelling the words “will you marry me” with an elaborate running route, The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge will encourage runners to track their run routes using GPS devices.


I'm ready thanks to my new toy courtesy of Timex Sports!

Runners will then submit GPS map screen grabs – and the words therein – through Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #RunningMakesMeFeel and #promo to win prizes including:

  • A daily give-away of Newton and Timex swag
  • A weekly prize of a pair of Newtons and a Timex GPS watch
  • A grand prize of Newtons for life and a new Timex IRONMAN One GPS+

The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge kicks off today and will run until May 1. The challenge is open to all runners and running enthusiasts in the U.S. To learn more about The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge including rules and prizing, as well as a tutorial video on how to participate, visit Newton Running. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I wasn't up for an outdoor run this morning to test out my new Newton Running Kismet sneakers so I headed to the treadmill.


BUT this weekend is another story! I will be ready to take on the first word of the challenge...

Run, FEEL, Spell Challenge_Image 1


So what are you waiting?? Get out there and show everyone how #RunningMakesMeFEEL!!


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