Over The River & Through The Woods To RW Half Weekend I Go...

Did anyone else sing along to the title? C'mon one person! No one? Awwww phewy! :P Let's blame the lack of sleep on that one because I seriously giggled out loud at my creativity.

The Runner's World Half & Festival weekend has FINALLY arrived! HOLLAH! 

This is my second-consecutive year heading to the awesome weekend full of fun, love and miles and I cannot wait.

I have a Noon flight out of Boston tomorrow and head down to Philly. From there, I climb into a clown car - okay a regular car - and head to Bethlehem, PA. It will then be HUG time! There are 18 bloggers invading Bethlehem and ready for FUN! :)

Thursday night involves a BBQ and tour of Runner's World HQ! A highlight for me last year was seeing the next issue hanging up as they put it together. 

There were some blank pages in there and I really tried to sneak in "profile of Weight off My Shoulders," but I couldn't find the opportunity. :P

The tour was led by the one and only Bart Yasso. Now his office was a runners' dream. I didn't want to leave. There were bibs, medals, pictures and motivational quotes from the past some-odd decades and from all over the world! I wanted to soak it all in and bottle up all of the positive energy.

I settled for a selfie with his office door. Ummm basically the same thing.

On Friday we don't wear pink - well you can wear pink if you want - but we rise and grind early for a day with Altra Running. We will be heading out to the trails early to get a personal trail running training session with the founders of Altra, Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead.

Corrupting Golden at 2014 Pasta Party! ;)

Corrupting Golden at 2014 Pasta Party! ;)

Since I am a pretty novice trail running, I am wicked excited to learn from them and pick up some sweet tips for the afternoon's 3.8 mile trail race (3pm). Watch out friends I'll be brining home the gold... or making it through without tripping.

Tomatoes ... tomatoes! (Well that doesn't translate well without audio)

We will also have the honor of dining with the amazing Deena Kastor. I can't wait to see which recipes from Runner's World Meals on the Run cookbook.

Saturday is the big show aka the day with two races! We will be rocking the 5k (8am) and the 10k (9:30am).

Mid-run selfie with RW Editor-in-Chief David Willey

Mid-run selfie with RW Editor-in-Chief David Willey

If back-to-back runs isn't enough, I'll be checking out the afternoon's seminars. I will NOT miss a little convo time with Deena Kastor. In June 2014, influencers were able to sit down with Shalane Flanagan and had a freakin' blast!

And on the final day they said - let them run a half marathon (8am).

During last year's half, Skirt Sports had a special skirt station at Mile 8. Yes that is me putting a skirt over a skirt. Why not?

And Jesus!

He is my homeboy!

This year, it looks as if Runner's World is having a post-race beer garden sponsored by a local brewery! Yahoo!! Love to #drinklocal.

Man I cannot wait to get this weekend started. So first up - packing. 

While I finish packing, you let me know: will you be at #RWHalf weekend?