*REVIEW* Cyc Fitness Boston... Complete With A Drum

Note: I received a complimentary class through Cyc Fitness, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'! 

Spinning just as fast as we can... holding on to one another's ENERGY!

Get ready folks - it's the next best jingle for Cyc Fitness. Just gotta get them on board. ;) 

Cyc Fitness was created by Keoni Hudoba, who went through his owe transformation shedding over 100 pounds. Keoni hails from Hawaii and created a high-energy, entertaining, full-body road trip that helps riders transform their bodies and ultimately reach their fitness goals.

Now what sets Cyc apart:

Cyc offers an exhilarating, beat-based, 45 minute ride that activates the whole body, the whole time. Weights are incorporated into sectors inspired by more than 20 different sport movements such as boxing, volleyball and swimming.
When you ride at Cyc, you ride for change. Cyc riders can continue to feel good (and do good) knowing that each time you take a class, you're riding for change. For every mile completed, Cyc will donate a portion of the profits to one of our pre-selected charity partners.

Cyc Fitness is an indoor cycling studio in Georgia, New York, Texas, Wisconsin... and now Massachusetts!! Cyc Boston opened in June 2015 in Back Bay at the David Barton Gym in the Park Plaza Hotel.

When I headed to the Studio, I got a wee bit turned around. I thought the gym would be next to the hotel, but it was actually in the basement. Thank you Park Plaza concierge for pointing me in the right direction.

Photo Courtesy: TripAdvisor.com

Photo Courtesy: TripAdvisor.com

I headed down the stairs to find a beautiful waiting area. The Cyc studio is located within the gym so you use the same check-in for the studio and the gym. You have the choice of using the gym's locker room (showers, etc) as well as Cyc's lockers as well.

Photo Courtesy: David Barton Gym

Photo Courtesy: David Barton Gym

Once you wind your way through the gym, you will find the Cyc studio in the back corner. It is a small space, but has lockers, merchandise and a customer service desk. 

Cyc offers complimentary spin shoe rental, towels and water for purchase. You can reserve your bike online ahead of time, which makes check-in process a breeze. 

And there's blacklight!! That's right folks. So I didn't notice this ahead of time, but I luckily dressed in a New Balance top that worked. Phew! Crisis averted. :P 

Photo courtesy: cyc Fitness

Photo courtesy: cyc Fitness

My friend Susan from Lifestyle of a Fashionista and I had bikes next to each other and were happy to see the instructor (or Cycologist) Jonathan was buzzing around the room helping folks set up their bikes. Even though I am a certified Spin instructor, every Spin bike is different. I like seeing a studio helping new or seasoned riders get their bikes just right.

Since it was Halloween week, the ride's theme was Heaven or Hell. I love a good theme. :) 

The Cycologist has the spot in the front of the room controlling the music, lights and the drum. That's right friends. There is a drum. I wasn't sure if it was there just for the theme ride, but nope it is there all the time. I will admit the drum scared the crap out of me because I was not expecting it. 

Photo courtesy: CyC Fitness

Photo courtesy: CyC Fitness

Jonathan held his high energy for the full 45 minutes of the class. The class featured a mix of sprints, jumps, hill climbs and choreography.

Now I am not one who really likes a lot of choreography in my cycling. I lack serious coordination. Thankfully Jonathan was clear while explaining the moves, but there were times where I still felt a little lost.

The weights portion is what made me the most nervous. I was okay doing the boxing portion since we were peddling and boxing while sitting down on the bike. But the "swimming" weights section while peddling and standing was the scariest. I kept thinking I was going to tip off the bike and since I was clipped in that would've been ugly. I tried to slow down my peddling to make sure I was safe. With the small weighted sand bag, we mimicked the motion of freestyle and backstroke. 

Cyc offers a full body workout for sure. I was feeling it in my arms, core and legs. I would say that is a full body workout.

This isn't a typical indoor cycling or spinning class so if you go in with those expectations, you won't find that here.

If you are looking for a class that makes you sweat, leaves you feeling motivated and energized and gives back to charity then Cyc is your JAM!