What Up Wednesday?

So I am still working on that freakin' Boston Marathon recap. I swear if being an adult and work would stop getting in the way I could post the darn thing. Stupid life! :P But I am halfway through and crying the whole way. Are we shocked? The second half of the race is where I actually cried so I expect even more tears to flow.

But I wanted to just stop by and say Thank You everyone. I am blown away by the support for the Runner's World Cover Search contest. I know I have a slim chance of being picked, but I am darn proud of myself for even trying.

If you would like to vote you can do so daily through July 22 here.

The past couple of week have been trying in my old mental place so I am excited to be getting a break from reality this weekend for Ragnar and the MOM's Run 5k on Sunday. I am looking forward to putting life and it's constant battled on hold.

But first up is one more day of work - 3 Weight Watchers meetings and an evening of personal coaching - plus packing.

However there is a cool curveball being thrown my way tomorrow. You wanna know what it is?

I'm being interviewed by a local radio station. My friend Kassandra nominated me as a "badass chick" for the Boston area! How cool? Well the radio station taking the nominations followed up today and we set up a phone interview for tomorrow. Eek! I don't really know what they will ask about, but I am excited for the opportunity.

I think I will be featured on their Friday broadcast, but will pass along the details when I have them.

GAH! This is wicked cool and crazy all at the same time.

Well time to get back to writing that recap so it can go live before Ragnar. <<Fingers Crossed>>