Face It Friday: A Gain & A Renewed Outlook

You may have noticed I took a little break from the Face It Friday posts - 3 weeks to be exact. I needed a little mental break from the scale. I was turning down a dark road where I knew would be bad. I wanted to try to stay as positive as I could.

But it's been a struggle. Deep down I wanted the break because I was tired of seeing the up and down. Even though there was no one to blame for that up and down but me. I mean Hi there is no one at my house holding a box of Cheez-Its to my head saying eat these or the puppy dog gets it. No. It is my own sheer laziness.

I was tired of spinning the same record. It wasn't getting me anywhere and I felt like a letdown writing the same sad thing over and over again.

So I took a break. 

I enjoyed my cousin's wedding on August 7 and even felt pretty wearing the dress and having my hair and make-up done. For those that don't know this was just the second time in about three years that I had worn make-up.

I couldn't believe that I was wearing this cute, size 10 dress and it looked good. I could even pay myself a compliment - in between some self-deprecating thoughts (of course).

I ran the Falmouth Road race on August 16 with my friends Dan and Page on behalf Tedy's Team and the Fight Against Stroke. (There's still donate!!)

Plus my run streak (#WOMSStreak) hit 300 days (1,357 miles covered) on Thursday! :)

And so much more. I mean you all follow my fun adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you know the fun things.

But there was also the emotional eating and the "I just don't care" eating. Not okay. I dwell on how I should know better. Then the Weight Watchers weekly topics seem to be made for me. Last week "(emotional) hunger games" and this week "A Slip, Not A Slide."

And I pull my Sparkle Athletic skirt up and have an honest chat with myself during a run.

I don't HAVE to eat healthy... I GET to eat healthy!

It plays in my head over and over again.

I was lucky enough to have my second chance.

I hear it come out of my mouth during a Weight Watchers meeting.

I don't fail until I stop trying!

I see myself typing this in to the blog's Facebook.

So last night shit got real. ;) Okay not really but I knew it was time to get this ship righted. I have a PACKED Fall of races and I want to go into them feeling amazing. 

Where to start?

Step One: Track all the things on Thursday

Note I only tracked on thursday and half ass on some other days so weekly & activity remaining are wrong & prob very in the negative!

Note I only tracked on thursday and half ass on some other days so weekly & activity remaining are wrong & prob very in the negative!

Step Two: Take Friday as a fresh start

Step Three: Face the scale on Friday

Accept the number whatever it shall be.

Ouch! Happy to still be in the healthy weight range for my height (below 164), but not happy to be back in the 160s.

It is my highest weight since July 25, 2014 and the first time I've been in the 160s since Jan 2, 2015. The number is up 11.2 pounds since the Boston Marathon - NO BUENO!

I needed the kick in the butt to refocus and I got it.

Step Four: Move on!

I don't mind fluctuating within the 150s, but once I see the 160s it is really time to reign it back in. I know it is just a number, but it is also how I feel. I have felt sluggish and blah all summer. I cannot do that any longer.

My goal is to be back at goal (155) by my birthday (Sept 16). I want to keep entering my next year of life in the 150s. But overall feeling good about myself and my body.

I have been so focused on others in August that I have put my own healthy needs on the back burner. Crazy how often that happens to us, right? Well it isn't working so time to refocus that shift to me. It will make me a better friend and a better person when I do.

Keep plugging along my friends! We have the ups and downs, but as I said above we don't fail until we stop trying!


Update Saturday: I weighed in yesterday at home so this morning I attended the Weight Watchers meeting, which felt amazing. But I did an official weigh-in and was 1.8 pounds less than yesterday. Oh hey fluctuation. :P So while I am happy to see the number go down, I will not weigh again til next week. I used to weigh every day - heck multiple times a day - and that really messed with my head. I have been down to once a week weigh-ins for a few years now and will keep it that way. This week was a rare instance that I couldn't make a Friday meeting and went Saturday instead for weigh-in. :)

It was also a joy to get back in the meeting room as a member. The meetings helped me so much when I was losing. I loved them so much I became a leader. But now with a busy work schedule and racing on the weekend I rarely get to a meeting for me... and that's sad! I really do have so much more success when I take that "me time" each week.