A Snowy Saturday Full Of Race Sign-Ups - Will I See You At Any Of Them?

What happens when my run with Heather happens at 11:30am instead of right when I wake up?

Race sign-ups galore happen!

We can blame the late start to the run... or the full night of sleep (thanks Tylenol PM).

Okay we really can't blame any of that!

It was all the jealousy of watching my friends training for marathons that I wasn't a part of.

So what did I get myself into today?

First up:

The Maine Coast Marathon 39.3 Challenge

It's like Maine meets a Disney type challenge.

The Shipyard Maine Coast weekend features a half marathon on May 14 (Saturday) and a marathon on May 15 (Sunday). If you complete BOTH, you get this EXTRA piece of bling.

I was in the hunt for a spring marathon and this weekend had me at the extra bling!! We also found a cheap hotel ($80 a night) and the wife signed up for the half. 

The stars aligned a fun weekend away was born! :P

Second up:

Cambridge 5k Series

I have been taking part in the Cambridge 5k series with the Slumbrew Happy Soles since I moved back to Boston in 2012. It is a great series featuring fun, flat course and a post-race party that is unparalleled to any I have seen before. There is a dance off - need we say more. :P

The first race up in the Cambridge 5k series is Craicfest 5k (St. Patty's celebration) on March 13. Interested in joining me? Register here and select Team Slumbrew Happy Soles! :) 

Third up:

Represent Running Race the Bay Challenge

Check out this post where I share all the awesomeness about this race series!

While I was just complaining about an empty 2016 racing calendar, I took to the web today and started filling that bad boy up. I need a race in August and November to have at least one race per month. So far I have a 5k penciled in for August and *fingers crossed* Wine & Dine in November.

What races are you looking forward to for 2016?