Free Yoga At Night Shift Brewery!

I am not a yogi! I have had trouble focusing or rather un-focusing on life during yoga. Plus I am that person that would rather be doing a Spin class or going for a run rather than doing yoga for 45 minutes. Despite knowing how much the stretching would benefit those activities.

One of the few yoga classes I have enjoyed was led by my friend Danielle from LiveRunGrow. She led me through a beach yoga practice this summer on the Cape. It was phenomenal. Okay it also helped that we enjoyed mimosas right afterwards. :)

But when I heard there was a combo of yoga and beer? My interest was peaked.

Night Shift Brewing is a local craft beer brewery in Everett, Mass. They offer free yoga every other week. 

I was interested in checking in out since it was less than a 10 minute drive from my house, but I was scared to go alone. A few of my fellow Slumbrew Happy Soles were open to joining me so a date was made.

The doors opened at 10:45am for 11:00am yoga. I heard it was popular and was told to get there early. I was in the parking lot by 10:40am and it was PACKED!

I was in the brewery right when the doors opened and was joined by Slumbrew friends Brittany and Katie. As soon as the doors opened to the back brewery area, the folks flooded in. We grabbed a spot right in the middle. I had no idea what to expect.

The instructor, Kate, is from CorePower Yoga. I have been meaning to check that studio out for months. Especially since they offer new students a free week.

The hour-long practice was among the barrels and bags of grain Night Shift uses for their brewing process.

Kate asked us to get "awkward" and push our comfort zones during this practice and I did.

For the first time during yoga, I felt strong. I was actually able to hold the high and low planks.

I also tried Crow pose - something that I have seen yogis around the world ROCK. Now I was able to hold myself up there for a fraction of a second, but that is lifetimes longer than I ever imagined.

The practice really stretched my poor runner body in ways I should do on a daily basis. At no point did I want to pull my phone out and look at the time, Kat kept me focused and smiling. 

Overall, I was wicked happy I took the chance on brewery yoga. Plus once the hour was over it was beer time.

Thanks Troy for the beer. I enjoyed a Night Shift Relajo Stout and it was DEEEEEE-licious! The perfect lunch-time brew. I would highly recommend it.

We found a quiet corner and caught up. We all hadn't seen each other since the last race - Cambridge 5k Yulefest 5k - in December.

Thanks Katie, Brittany, Stephanie and Troy for joining me today!

If you are interested in checking out Night Shift Brewing free yoga, the next session is February 21 at 11am! Just make sure you get there before 10:45am and bring an open mind! ;)