Good Days And Bad

Life as we know it hands us good days and bad days. 

I try my hardest to find the good in even the worst of days because I know the day and the world aren't nearly as bad as my brain is making it out to be.  

But some days it is tough to even do that.  

Unfortunately today is one of those days. 

I couldn't get my heart or mind on the same page. One wanted smiles, hugs and to connect with people. The other wanted to shy away, shut the lights off and hide in bed.  

When neither happened, I felt this imbalance, unease and general anxiousness all damn day!! 

It's an awkward space to be in and one I yet know how to truly navigate. I work each time to take something away from it. I try to see if it was one thing that set it off or if it just a general feeling rather than a single instance. Could there have been something that sparked it a few days earlier? 

I have yet to find what led to today's BLAH, but I will take the time now to meditate on it. 

Do you ever have episodes like this?