Looking To Donate Hair To A Good Cause? Choose Children With Hair Loss

In 2015, I finally set the goal to donate hair to a worthy charity. I was growing it out for my cousin's wedding so I had a good motive and I had witnessed so many of my friends do the same thing.

But the problem?

Which charity to choose! There are dozens out there claiming to the best.

But how to choose one?

Well for me:

* The #1 rule: charity could NOT charge the recipient or their family for the wig

Not even on a sliding scale. I didn't want the recipient to pay a thing.

That right there cut down A LOT of the groups out there.

* The #2 rule - the group had to accept dyed hair. I have been coloring my hair since college (hello grays) and I needed a group that would approve that.

Well folks that DRASTICALLY cut down the number of places I could work with.

So the ONLY charity I found that  fit both criteria was...


After my cousin's wedding in August 2015, I was free to cut my hair. But it wasn't long enough to reach the minimum 8 inch requirement. Well okay it was, but it would've left me with this curly hair bob thing that I did NOT want. ;)

By the time October 2015 hit, I was ready to make the cut.

My hair dresser Marie cut off 8 inches for Children With Hair Loss. I headed home, put it in an envelope and sent it off to the organization.

I sent off the hair at the beginning of October and had my confirmation certificate in the mail before the end of the month.

I absolutely loved working with Children With Hair Loss and am currently growing my hair out now so I can donate again!

If you are looking for a place to donate hair, please consider this amazing organization!