Motivating Pink Dress

Last October is when the wheels came off my "easily sustaining my weightloss" bus! In a year I have yet to figure out the right combination of fitness and eating plan to help me shed the 10 lbs I gained last October. Yes that one month led to 10 lbs that haven't left. They in fact added 5 more lbs to join them.

Last October is when I made a career change and went from moving all day long to sitting all day long. It's not an excuse, but simply a fact. My whole world was turned upside down.

And I haven't recovered since. 

Well I'm tired of being this way - it's making me miserable and anxious - so I decided to find some tangible inspiration and motivation. 


I hung up this size 8 pink dress from Old Navy. I wore it to my cousin's rehearsal dinner in August 2015 and felt like a million bucks.  

August 2015

August 2015

No spanx were needed that night! I felt lean, mean and confident all night long.  

I miss those feelings. So I thought hanging the dress up in our guest room (which is wear I keep all of my workout clothes and where I change), would be a daily dose of motivation. 

Let's see how it goes. 

Have you ever hung up a piece of clothing as motivation in your weightloss or fitness journey? Did it help or hurt your progress?