*REVIEW* Light Up Your Runs With RunLites Gloves

Night running hasn't always been good to me.  

A couple of years ago while trying to run sans light during dusk, I totally wiped out 0.28 miles into my run and split my expense running tights (yes I am still bitter on that). Embarrassing and an awkward number for this runner to end on. ;) 

In 2013, I attempted to run a trail 10k at night by the light from my cell phone. Thank goodness Sharp Endurance came to my rescue that night.

During Ragnar Trail this past August, my headlamp bothered me so much during my 2am leg I held it in my hand. Wicked difficult to hold a headlamp and water bottle and cell phone while keeping an eye out for bears. Am I right? 

Well luckily I was contacted by RunLites who claimed to have something that would solve my night running problems.

The answer? 

RunLites Gloves


With eight different colors to choose from...

I went with pink stripes (value $24.95; currently on sale for $19.95). 


The RunLites Splash line of gloves feature:

  • New lightweight breathable fabric.
  • Additional reflective strips on palm and around the LED light pocket.
  • RunLites reflective symbol on the back of the glove.
  • Convenient palm pocket for items such as money and keys.
  • Sleek and snug LED light pocket to prevent the light from wiggling.
  • Special opening for rechargeable cable, no need to remove lights from pocket before charging.
  • Extended middle finger fabric pull for easy glove removal.
  • Terry cloth thumb for wiping away moisture.

Now please note the rechargeable LED lights are sold separately (value $19.95).

The lights were super easy to slide into the pocket on the top of the gloves/hand.

Alright! The lights and gloves were set. I tested them before heading out the door and I realized there are two settings on the lights (40 or 80 lumens). Also known as bright and brighter. :P 

I hit Mile 1 and found a patch of dark trail where I could really test the lights out. I took a picture with the flash and without so you could tell I had just one hand out.

Wow! Seriously good light from such a small device. Better than my $6 headlamp from Christmas Tree Shops - that's for sure. ;) The RunLites gloves have a range of 15 feet.

But seriously I was really impressed with the range of light. I also turned on both lights at full blast and moved my hands around to see how much ground I could cover. I really wish I had these at Ragnar Trail in August! I would've faired a lot better in my 2am run than I did with just my headlamp in one hand and my phone flashlight app in the other.

Now you might've misread that - I did run with my headlamp in my hand because I would get a sick feeling in my stomach when I wore it on my head. The bouncing I think got me. Well I did NOT get that feeling when running with the RunLites gloves. YAY!

I appreciated having my hands free so I could hold my phone and maybe eat something without having to also juggle a light. 

I also wanted to point out how the gloves also have reflective material on them. So between my New Balance night jacket and the gloves, I was set for tonight's 2.7 miles through the dark.

Now the only thing I didn't like about the gloves was how hot my hands were getting during the run. Thanks sweat! :P But the RunLites also offers a sling version of the gloves. I bet this style would be a HUGE hit in the Summer months.

If you are thinking you'd rather a glove that covers your fingers as well, there are two pairs of full-length gloves available as well.

Now these gloves aren't just for runners. They can be used while cycling, hunting, walking your pups at night, playing at the playground in the dark or grilling. Really anytime you need light!

While the glove and lights might seem pricey at about $40 for the set, the lights are rechargeable, which offsets my need to buy new batteries for my headlamp. And really my safety is worth that much. And not having to deal with juggling a light AND my phone. I mean really! :)

So if you have a friend or loved one (male or female) you want to keep safe while in the dark, pick them up a pair of RunLites gloves today. Plus free shipping. I mean you can't pass that up... can you?

Note: I did receive a complimentary pair of RunLites gloves to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!