*REVIEW* Meet My Mini Coach... The Lumo Run!

Have you ever thought about hiring a running coach?

Are you looking for tiny manageable suggestions to your running stride and cadence?

Do you like to try new devices?

How about running data you can break down and analyze?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are going to like this product.

Lumo Run

What is Lumo Run (value $99.99)?

When I opened the Lumo Run package I was really surprised with how compact the device was. 

How could they pack so much knowledge into such a small device?

I wanted to use the device immediately, but realized I needed to charge it first. 

An orange light means it is charging, while green means the device is fully charged. And one full charge will last up to 20 hours of in-run time. Now the only downside is you can't check the battery status without syncing with your app.

While the device was charging, I downloaded the Lumo Run app on to my iPhone.

After downloading the app, I realized I needed to do a 10-minute evaluation run. Ohhhh well good thing I was planning a solo 3-mile run after work so that I could stop and take pictures of what screens appeared so I could share it with all of you! :) #Priorities

I am not a fan of keeping my bluetooth on on my phone because it tends to drain my battery, but I wanted to be able to experience everything Lumo Run device had to offer.

Now please note: you can use the Lumo Run with or without your phone.

If you run with your phone, it will offer you real-time audio coaching and post-run recommendations for drills and exercises to help you improve your form.

If you run without your phone, you can still get post-run analysis and recommendations to improve your running form next time you open the app.

Ready for my run I opened my app, turned on my bluetooth and placed the Lumo Run device on the back of the waistband on my Sparkle Athletic skirt. The sensor should be level with your hips to accurately measure pelvic movement.

I put my headphones in, started the app and hit the road for a comfortable 10-minute run. Throughout the run, the Coach updated me on my pace and reminding me that I was doing a great job. Awww thanks coach! :) 

Once the 10 minutes were over, I stopped my run to see what the Coach wanted me to do next.

Now the Lumo Run did give me the option of continuing my run and getting my details at the end, but I couldn't wait. I am a little impatient! ;)

The Lumo Run Coach recommended I worked on cadence on my next run.

Well lucky me I had to finish the run I was on so I was immediately up for the challenge.

I have never thought about my cadence before so thankfully the Coach let me know there would be a sound played to let me know if I was staying at or above 180. Additionally the Coach would again chime in with my time, distance, pace and cadence update routinely throughout the run. It seemed like she chimed in every 0.5 mile. 

In addition to the normal data updates, the Coach also chimed in with ... well ... motivating type coach things. Is that specific enough for everyone? ;)

The Coach told me to "remember how great your body feels right now" - which I really appreciated and actually made me smile.

She also reminded me to correct my form at a point in the run where I could feel myself leaning forward. She told me to roll my shoulders back and down, push my chest out and adjust my head. Now THAT was cool... and useful! 

I hadn't planned on pushing the pace this run, but when Coach wants you to keep the pace over 180 - you keep the pace over 180!

Woo! I averaged 183! Take that 180. :P

Once I completed the run, the Lumo Run Coach recommended I focused on Rotation. The post-race exercise was Hip Figure 8s, which were a joy and something I really need to do more often. Thanks Coach. I also like how they offer a "Show Me" option to make sure I know the exact exercise they want done.

What was the goal going to be for my next run?

Pelvic Rotation.

Hmmm I have no idea what that really means. Luckily the Lumo website had more information for me.

Now there are three other measurements the Lumo Run analyzes...

I can't wait to see how my form improves over the next month or so with the help of Lumo Run. Plus I can't wait to see what other motivational sayings the Coach will have for me.

Lumo Bodytech also offers a device called the Lumo Lift, which will help with your posture (value $99.99, but on sale now for $79.99).

So who's ready to take their run to the next level one motivating mile at a time?


Note: I did receive a complimentary Lumo Run, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!