Thank Goodness For Endorphins

Today was an exceptionally stressful day! 

It started out with the best way to combat stress ---- ball slams!

But within an hour of the workout being over the stress level rose back up.

How will I combat this?

A group run with my amazing Slumbrew Happy Soles

While work tried to bleed into my run club, I knew I needed to put my foot down and stop that from happening.

We all must find a balance my friends. I need to make sure that I not only do my work, but keep myself balanced with work and play.

As soon as I spotted the Happy Soles in the tent of the Slumbrew Beer Garden at Assembly Row, I felt a calm wave rush over me.

I knew this people would help me put my stress into perspective.

During 3 miles of smiles, laughs, stresses and some tears (perhaps by me), I felt 1,000 times better.

Thank you friends for helping me work through issues during our runs and making me be a better person.

Do you find endorphins/group activities help you work through work issues?