We Found Run Disney Sneakers At A New Balance Outlet

I covet the Run Disney sneakers as soon as they are released. 

Am I the only one? I feel like I can't be.

But it's very hard for me to justify the price for walking shoes. I mean very rarely are the Run Disney styles made in my preferred running shoe of choice (Vazee Pace). 

Until last year!!! 

I got my first pair of Run Disney sneakers thanks to the amazing Kylie of Shape Magazine. 

Well that all changed on Sunday!  

I saw my friend Kelsey tweet that she had found some of the old Run Disney styles on sale at the New Balance outlet in Boston. Well I couldn't make it that day, but we got over there as soon as we could on Sunday.

The wife had better luck scoring two different styles - 2015 Donalds and 2014 Goofy!


The shoes were definitely picked over, but I was able to find ONE pair of shoes in my size. They were the 2015 retro Minnie sneakers!!! 


Each of these pairs ---- $50! That's right. We bought three pairs for the price of about one at the Expo!

Hot Damn! While I wish I could've gotten all of the old styles, I am psyched that I was able to pick up at least one. 

Thanks Kelsey and social media for the tip.

Anyone else find any old Run Disney styles at a New Balance outlet near them? Anyone want to look for any more pairs/styles for me? I would love another Women's 8.5 in ANYTHING! :)