When You Reverse "Never Say Never"... Another Half Ironman

In 2014, I challenged my mind and body to finish a Half Ironman.

I finished my first Half Ironman at Pumpkinman Half Ironman on September 7, 2014 in 6:06:03.

Oh DAMN I came so close to finishing in sub 6 hours.

Once I crossed the Finish Line I said Never Again.

Well damn if Justin Bieber taught me anything you "Never Say Never!"

During my ultra marathon training this summer, there were times I said to my wife and others "Man I miss half ironman training."

My family didn't know what to do with me since I had sworn off any thought of anything more than a Sprint or Olympic triathlon.

But the world is a funny place... and I like to bring crazy on myself.

So while I had the "itch" I reached out to Social Media to ask: "What are the best Half Ironmans in New England?" Besides Pumpkinman sinceI had l already done that one.

And the overwhelming response was....

Patriot Half Ironman

And you next thing you know I tripped on my keyboard and registered for it on June 17, 2017.

While I am scared and nervous, I am pumped to push outside my comfort zone and do my best to finish sub-6! This course is supposed to be a great PR course.

I can't wait to be alongside my ZOOM teammates!

Well there is one of the goals for 2017... can't wait to share the others once I feel comfortable to do so!

Thank you all for supporting me each step of the way!

Have you done a Half Ironman? Are you signed up for Patriots Half 2017?