#GlassSlipperChallenge Weekend 2015 Part 1: Expo & Day One Fun

Wait... is it not 2015?

Did I stumble upon a time machine and roll back to 2015?

Nope! I am just FINALLY getting around to recap my first Run Disney Princess weekend... which happened to be a year ago. 

Hey! Never to late to rock a recap. Ummm right? Right guys? It's timely now. ;)

On Thursday February 19, 2015, the wife, my parents and I headed to Disney World. That's right friends - the whole Holmes/Holmes-Kirk crew was heading to Disney. Okay it is 4 of us, but that is still my crew. My parents were joining us to "watch me race" - aka head to Disney and pretend they are coming because I was running some races. Either way it is always fun to have them there with us.

I was PSYCHED to be heading to Disney. The wife and I had just made our first trip to Disneyland the month prior for the inaugural Star Wars race weekend. So when we hit Disney World we would be claiming our first Coast 2 Coast medals!! YYAAYY!!!

I was tapped to run all 3 races of the weekend (5k, 10k & Half), while the wife would be tackling the #GlassSlipperChallenge (10k & Half). WOO! All the bling my friends.

Once we landed in Orlando, I think I floated/ran/skipped to the Magical Express. It gets me so freakin pumped for the trip. Anyone else?

Can we tell?

Thanks to my uncle we were staying at Saratoga Springs for the first time. Hot damn that is a cool hotel. We were in a suite that had a room/area for my parents and one for the wife and I. In the middle there was a kitchenette and a living room area. It helped me not wake everyone up when I woke up before 4am for the races. :P

As soon as we dropped our bags at the hotel, it was time for the wife and I to head to the Expo.

I headed geeked out when I picked up my Coast 2 Coast bracelet. Once I had my two bibs, we headed to Runner Relations to correct a problem with the wife's Coast 2 Coast. Her birthday was incorrect, but the volunteers fixed the problem quickly.

How cute is it that Run Disney puts Princess and Prince on the bibs? I love a good theme. :)

The Expo is CRAZY! So many booths and so many shiny things to distract me. My main stops are always Sparkly Soul, Sparkle Athletic and KT Tape.

Since it was my first Princess weekend, I wanted to get the official I DID IT shirt and a wine glass. #Priorities

Expos can be overwhelming so I always recommend that you take a nice lap throughout the Expo before diving into any purchases UNLESS you have a go-to booth (like my three listed above).

Of course I had to take the obligatory bib pics.

Once those were complete we were back at Saratoga Springs so I could continue my run streak, but we headed to the Parks.

Man the path in Saratoga Springs is pretty to look at and nicely paved.

After I was showered, the wife and I headed to Hollywood Studios. It was sad to see the hat starting to come down. :( By the end of our trip it was completely down. :/

Obviously we had made a Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania...

... and squeezed in some fun with Phineas and Ferb.

Ahhh I love any park time I can get. After that we headed to Raglan Road in Disney Springs to meet my parents for dinner. It is our go-to spot on night one in Disney.

Then we called it an early evening... party animals, right?

Next Up: Princess 5k