Monday Musings: LEAP Day, Triathlons Discount Codes & More

For the first time in ages, I finished my Monday in a positive mindset. Recently Mondays have been leaving my cup runneth over with frustration! 

I keep trying to nix that negative and stay in a positive mental state, but sometimes I can't try hard enough. You know what I mean?

But today was different. The wife worked from home and it was nice having her here. Especially since I was grumbling or being grumpy. :P I know she appreciated the difference too. ;)

I can also happily report that my back is feeling MUCH better today. Usually Monday is an indicator to see how the rest of the week will progress. I am wicked active on the weekend, but sometimes the workdays can grind on my back. 

Luckily the back seems to be on the mend. I was going to head to the gym for a double session, but my gym buddy wasn't feeling well. I didn't use it as an excuse not to work out. I did a 4 mile walk on the treadmill while I caught up on - you guessed it - NCIS! I am hoping to do a little BRICK workout tomorrow night to see how my back feels in that position.

Today is February 29, which we know is a LEAP Day! So I made sure to share one of my favorite LEAP pics...

Awww I can't help, but smile when I see this shot! :)

Now I know everyone loves a good discount code and I love sharing them so I wanted to make sure everyone saw my two Max Performance Triathlon discount codes:

Escape The Cape Sprint - June 4 - Code: WOMSESCAPE16 for $10 off

Title 9 Women Only Sprint - September 11 - Code: TITLE916 for $10 off

Both races are GREAT for first timers and super welcoming of racers of all levels. I really hope to see new and familiar faces at both races!

So that back injury that I mentioned earlier did have a benefit... I caught up on blogging! That's right! In case you didn't notice I finally recapped the Run Disney Princess Weekend and Reach The Beach Relay experience from 2015! 

Yeah I was just a smidge behind the eight ball on that one, but guess what --- I am now caught up! Hollah! :)

So feel free to browse the recent posts on Weight Off My Shoulders to see what those sweet races were like!

Really it felt awesome to have the time to just write. It has really helped distract me from my pain or irritations. The exercise reminded me why I started this blog to begin with. To not only work through the crazy thoughts going through my head, but to share the amazing adventures along the way!

And the importance of self-care has risen to the #1 spot on my ever-growing To Do list.

Ohh ohh ohh folks were asking - I WILL have a Rock 'n' Roll Discount code soon! I promise as soon as I get it, you will have it! :) 

So if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about or share - please let me know! Leave a comment below, Tweet me, Instagram me, Facebook me or email me (!