*RECAP* Gone For A Run's Kiss Me I'm A Runner *Virtual* 5k

The joy of the virtual race is that you can do it anytime anywhere. I like to use the virtual races to reward myself on a good training run. A "race" doesn't have the mean a PR. Have you ever put your heart and soul into a training run - long run, speed workout, easy day, tempo - and wish someone met you at home with a medal?

For me that is a HELL YEAH statement.

So when I registered for Gone For A Run's Kiss Me I'm A Runner Virtual 5k, I knew exactly when I would need it. I wanted to reward myself for putting the effort in to make the most of my lunch-time run (my runch) on St. Patrick's Day. I have a 30-minute lunch at work and when I am working from home I try to sneak in a workout. Since I only have a finite amount of time, I need to make the most of my run. 

Boston looked out for me today giving me a gorgeous sunny St. Patrick's Day!

Are you AT ALL shocked that I wouldn't give my 100% effort in dressing the part for today's virtual race?

Of course I rocked all the Shamrock garb I could. Now I am one that doesn't usually go for wearing the race shirt TO/DURING the race, but I tested my fate by doing it today! Hey it was green and I didn't have another clean green shirt. :)

What can I say - I like living on the edge?

I appreciate Gone For A Run providing a real authentic race bib with registration. I assume people have three thoughts when they see me completing a virtual run: 1) I am WWAAAYYY in the lead; 2) I am WWAAAYYY in the back or 3) I am WWAAAYYY LOST! :P Either way it entertains the crap out of me! ;)

I did a quick stretch before setting out for my typical 5k loop near my house. I clicked Start on my Garmin and I was off. I have had an annoying clicking sound in my knee this week so I took the first mile as a warm-up. I worked hard to not get caught up in this being a "race."

Mile 1: 8:29

Now I knew there was no way I would hit my splits from Sunday's 5k (22:26), but I thought I would let go of the reigns a little during Mile 2. I pretended the entire Mile there was an ice cold craft beer right in front of me - a la a carrot in front of a horse.  

The headwind was fighting me since I was running along the water, but I buckled down and tried to give it what I could.

Hot damn! I will take THAT mile pace for a random Thursday runch.

Mile 2: 7:29

Now to let the legs bring it on back. I have a 10-miler and 12-miler on the plan for this weekend while in Chicago so I don't need to be tiring myself out on Thursday. 

I wanted to keep the legs fresh and the knee clicking in check. And yes knee clicking is a medical term. Web MD it! ;)

Okay I didn't tail back as much as I should've on the third mile, but I felt good with the sun shining and a little less wind in my face.

Mile 3: 7:32

I hit the 5k mark JUST as I arrived back at the front of my house. Boy I love a route that works out juuusssttt right.

FINAL TIME: 24:20 (7:50 min/mile)

The sun was shining. The medal glistening. The Shamrocks poppin! And these Irish Eyes were smilin'! 

It was the most perfect runch a girl could ask for.

You know what made it more perfect?

The medal being a bottle opener. So as soon as the work day ended I had to try it out!

Phew! It worked like a charm.

Overall, the Gone For A Run virtual race was a hit. Not only did it provide sweet swag, but it helped an amazing charity - Harlem RBI! It was a win-win-win in my book. Thanks Gone For A Run for sending the bib, shirt and medal in advance. I love having everything in my hands before I take part. :)


Disclaimer: I did receive comped entry to the race for being a Gone For A Run ambassador, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!