I Miss My Little Slice Of The Internet...

It has been too long since I sat down and put some words on my little slice of the internet. I haven't been making it a priority. It has been at the top of my To-Do List each day yet it doesn't get checked. :(

I know I need to move other To-Dos out of the way, but we all know that work/bills/adulting/training takes precedence. Well for me those are things that have been getting checked off first.

But at what cost?

My stress and anxiety levels are super high and I know that is because I am not putting the things that make me the happiest as a priority.

Including of course my little Weight Off My Shoulders.

It has to change. 

I hate that I am writing this post again. I know I have gotten into this rut before, but this time I am going to nip it in the butt before I get too far gone.

This upcoming week I am going to put blogging into my calendar like an appointment. I owe it to myself, my heart and my soul. 

Even these few sentences have made me feel better! 

Wow I really never thought blogging would become such a major and important part of my life. It has truly changed my life.

For those that don't know - Weight Off My Shoulders turns 5 on May 26! What do you think I should do to celebrate!?!?!?

Ohhh okay! Now I am going to brainstorm what to do to celebrate... :)