My Experience As A Remote Runner For Represent Running #408k

I have the honor of being an ambassador for the Represent Running series. What you may not know is the Represent Running series is based out of Northern California and I in fact live in Boston, Mass.

Well thank goodness the folks at Rep Running offer a remote runner option and I was allll over it!

I got wicked sad when I saw my friends getting together in person to run the San Jose 408k in March, but luckily I was able to take part from 3,000 miles away!

Meet mini Dani on a stick!

I was blown away when Christina of threw out the idea of "bringing me along" to the races. I have NEVER had a flat Dani and I was psyched about it! I do like that she picked a pic of me from Disney so I had a medal on. ;)

Rep Running really made this #RemoteRunner feel included by shipping me out my ambassador swag (thanks to Under Armour) AND my full race packet!

While the original race took place in March, I couldn't fit the 5-mile run into my training plan until April 10. I wanted to earn that bling!!

I had an 8-mile training run on the schedule for that Sunday so I used the first 5 to earn my #408k medal and the last 3 to earn my #TeamSparkle virtual 5k bling.

My friend Page opted to run with me so we could catch up and enjoy some gorgeous miles!

Well it was a tad cooler than we expected so we were layering up more than I thought we would for a run in April. We set out on our standard 5-mile loop around my house.

It is awesome to run with your BRF on a course you run often because you can tune out the Garmin and the need to watch a certain turn because it is like second nature. You can instead focus 100% on the conversation and the company! :) 

Mile 1: 9:09

We were set out on the slower pace I needed. I had run 13.1 miles the day prior at a pace too fast for a long run. So I was relying on Page and our conversation to keep the pace in check.

While the temperature was hovering in the 30s, the sun was shining and the city was alive with people being active! A sure sign that Spring has to hit the Northeast at some point.

Mile 2: 8:48

Oops we had sped up a little bit there. A downfall for Page and I as we get in such a groove together that we forget what we are doing. :P It is a good bad habit.

I was wondering what people were thinking as I ran with a bib on and Page didn't. I wondered if they thought I was lost or really really really far behind the rest of the pack.

I had to add a little incline to pretend we were in the California hills. ;)

Mile 3: 9:10

There are times when I push the pace for a virtual run and there are times that I reward a solid training run with bling. The #408k would be the later and I was pumped for that. I needed a solid run to repair a broken spirit from a tough run the day prior.

Running with a #BRF is also fun because you can relive other race memories to help pass the time. Page and I have run a good number of races together since finishing the 2014 Boston Marathon together. On this day we chose to relive our 2015 Boston Marathon experience and how it was one of our favorite marathons! While the weather was rough, our experience was awesome. 26.2 miles of smiles, laughter, swearing, remembering our Stroke Heroes and more.

Mile 4: 8:49

When my Garmin buzzed for Mile 4, I realized we were cutting it close to meet the rest of our crew for the #TeamSparkle 5k. While this run was supposed to be relaxed, we started picking up the pace only because both of us hate being late. :P I really didn't mean to push it, but I will take the negative splits. 

Mile 5: 8:33

We finished and I still did a little leap. I had to pretend there was a Finish Line there since I love a good Finish Line leap.

OFFICIAL FINISH TIME: 44:29 (8:54 min/mile pace)

Overall, I was bummed to mix the in-person race, but the #RemoteRunner experience was awesome. I loved getting an official bib, my race t-shirt AND the gorgeous Finisher's medal in the mail. Maybe next time they can send me the banana? ;)

Personally my #408k race went exactly how I wanted it to. I felt strong and had a smile on my face the entire time. I had great company and made sure to keep the mid-run selfies going. It was like I was on a race course.

Will YOU join me as a remote runner for the Across the Bay 12k & 415k race? Use code REPRESENT2016DH for 10% off your registration!