Ahhh I made a Buzzfeed Article!

I love spending more time than I care to admit clicking from one Buzzfeed article to another. 

But what stops me in my tracks?

When I see my own face in one of those articles.

Whenever I see an article about a Disney race that I participated in, I check it out to see if I made the cut... but it NEVER happens! 

I am always proud of my costumes especially since my wife puts in a lot of time to make them herself.

So I was BLOWN away when a friend posted a link on my Facebook page that featured a Buzzfeed article that I was IN!!!!

Ahhhhh... how cool?!?!?!

Check out the article!

It looks like they had to save the best for last... well in my opinion at least! ;)

I am still wicked proud of this costume. It was one I wanted to do for awhile and thanks to the wife (who made that freakin' vest from scratch) made it happen... :) 

Ahhh I am still on Cloud 9! What a fun surprise on this Tuesday night. I guess I should start working on my Wine and Dine costumes... :P