My First Mobile Post

I have officially downloaded the Square Space app for my phone. Yes I am that behind the times, but I want to get back into consistent blogging and I think this will be beneficial. 

So as long as folks are actually able to see this (are you????) this will be a great addition to my mobile device. ;) 

It has been a great weekend thus far. I spent Friday night with my friend Erin, who I've now known over 10 years. :)


It was fun to catch up and enjoy some musical entertainment. :) 

Today was my first Color Run!!!  


I had no idea what to expect but I had an absolute BLAST!!!! I had 5 friends join me on Team Weight Off My Shoulders. It was everyone's first time. 


The race was so well run. The folks that wanted to run stayed to the left and those that wanted to walk were on the right. We were able to run the entire time. It was actually a 5k (some fun runs have been short in the past). We were entertained and smiling the entire time. 


I would DEFINITELY do it again!! 


I will have a full recap on here soon, but I had to share a couple pics.  

It's time to hit the hay and get ready for tomorrow's long run with friends... But I leave you with a little (raw) video from today's race! :)  

How is YOUR weekend going so far???