*RECAP* Gone For A Run's Race For The White House *Virtual* 4-Miler

I wanted to run anytime - anywhere - any place! So you know what I did? 

Registered for a virtual race!

Nothing like getting some sweet bling for a training run. 

Am I right?

The Gone For A Run Race For The White House 4-miler had one pretty sweet spinning medal. I couldn't turn it down. 

I received the swag in the mail with plenty of time to spare before race day. Gone For A Run gives you a window to complete the race, but really you can do it whenever you want. They don't email you and ask for it back if you don't complete it during a certain time. I promise! ;)

After completing back-to-back 15-milers along the Cape on July 2-3, I thought completing this race the following day as a shake out would help get me out the door. 

PLUS I thought there wasn't a more fitting way to celebrate July 4th than doing this race. Well I am sure there are a few, but this was a good way in the moment. ;)

I thought I would be meeting my BRF Page at the Canal for the run, but she had to cancel last minute. So I recruited the wife to bike with me while I ran. I mean hey she got out of the 30 miles I had run over the previous two days so she could handle four. :P

We headed to the water and hit the canal. It was wicked refreshing to be on the path for the third-straight day, but it was nice to know it wouldn't be for hours this time.

As we started I was already getting looks at people probaby confused over why I was wearing a race bib. I am sure they had three thoughts:
1) I was winning BIG and everyone else was behind me - hence the bike escort
2) I was lost
3) I was losing BIG and everyone was ahead of me - hence the bike escort :P 

The first mile was tough. The legs wanted to stop, but they were wicked happy to be in compression. Seriously PRO Compression kept me going those three days. 

Mile 1: 9:13

Boy I can't get sick of that view. There was a bit of a headwind, but again it wasn't as strong as the two days prior so it felt like I was getting a break.

The wife was playing tunes on her phone and doing a good job of distracting me while I ran. She is the best for that. :) 

Mile 2: 8:53

And just like that it was time to turnaround and I wanted to let the legs completely free, but I couldn't. I KNEW I was supposed to be doing a recovery run, but my legs were just so happy to be moving and to be free and to almost be done.

But I played it smart. I let the legs speed up a little, but NOT as much as I wanted them to.

Mile 3: 8:48

The Cape Cod Canal is one of my favorite places to run. The boats going by. The fresh air. The water. The people running, biking, walking and roller blading. The life. It pushes me to keep moving forward. 

The final mile was for those names on the back of my Tedy's Team jersey. They push me daily to be a better version of me and to remember to run for those that can't.

Mile 4: 8:33

Hot damn! Not bad for the day after back-to-back long runs. But I know my coach wanted me to run slower, but it's hard with the wife on the bike. She distracts me from the run and I just go...

FINISH TIME: 35:26 (8:52 min/mile pace)

The medal is definitely one of my favorite of the Gone For A Run races I've done. I mean hello it spins. :P 

You bet your BOOTY I wore this all over town!!!

With great shipping, cool medals, a sweet fundraising component, I highly recommend you check out a Gone For A Run virtual race for yourself!

Disclaimer: I did receive comped entry to the race for being a Gone For A Run ambassador, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!