*RECAP* Represent Running Across The Bay #415k... From The East Coast

If you know anything about the area code 415, you'd know it is for San Francisco, CA. You might also know that San Francisco is NOT in fact on the East Coast. 

You would in fact be correct! ;)  

Bravo my geographically gifted friends! 

So how am I completing a San Francisco race in the Boston area?  

Because Represent Running is awesome and offers a remote runner option! Hollah!

They mailed me my bib, medal and sweet tech t-shirt.

So on Friday, I set out to complete my own #415k race.  


Yes I dressed for the part. Hey! I take my virtual races very seriously!!! 

I had a 5k on the training plan so what better way to celebrate it and kick off the weekend than with some bling. 

I hadn't let the legs fly in awhile so I was ready to see what the legs could do after a long work week. Plus I had gotten a colde day before so I wasn't sure how my breathing would go either. Yay for lots of unknowns. :P

I took my pre-race selfie and was off... 



The joy of a virtual race is you can do it when and where you want. So I opted to hit up my normal path where I knew there'd be a place to grab a post-race beer at. :) 

As I ran I am sure folks were staring at the random girl running with a race bib on and no other people near her with one on.


I was pretty psyched to see a sub 8 minute mile with the humidity that was pressing down on me. 

Mile 1: 7:47

I kept an eye out for any sign of San Francisco type sights, but I wasn't having any luck.

The way my course is laid out the second mile is usually my fastest thanks to a nice gradual decline before a gradual incline. And once again that was the case. :P


I was happy for shade and a water stop. ;) 


And I totally lied on the mile time for #2 or rather I misread what my watch said while trying to stop it and not get hit by a car. 

No cute volunteers on my course so I helped myself with water.


Mile 2: 7:16

Just after my quick break, I turned towards the final mile and was hit with a strong headwind. Oof! Thanks Mother Nature for making me earn that medal! 

Since no race of mine is complete without a mid-run selfie (well except triathlons where I can't have my phone), I needed to get one done in the final mile. Again I am sure the folks walking by were unsure what to think of me, but who cares! I was living in my own world.


Does my hair help show how windy it was? ;) 

I pushed what I could against the wind and tried to finish strong. I pretended the kids I ran by at the playground were cheering for me. 


Once again I misread the watch...  I might need better contacts! ;)

Mile 3: 7:22

Okay final push. I ended my run behind one of the parking structures in Assembly Row and wished I had set up a Finish Line/tape to break. Because you know I did finish 1st in the Boston edition of the #415k race!  



Oh like you don't pretend you win when doing a virtual race. I even did my Finish Line leap... even if there wasn't a photog.

Once I grabbed some water, I headed over to Slumbrew's beer garden for a celebratory beer and pretzel. 


Mmmmm congrats to me!  


If you missed out on the #415k, you have one more opportunity!! Sign up for the East Bay #510k which takes place in October! You can run it in person or virtually (like me!!!) 

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