The Olympics Continue In My #TeamUSA KT Tape Giveaway

KT Tape entered my life back in 2013 and I have been grateful ever since.

After seeing my friend Heather post on Instagram about KT Tape helping her ball-of-foot pain, I had to give it a try. I was diagnosed with Metatarsalgia while training for the Dopey Challenge in 2013 and the metatarsal pad wasn't helping my pain in the slightest so I turned to KT Tape to help relieve some of the pain. I was skeptical at first because how could tape help relieve the pressure, but it has really helped. More so than the metatarsal pad. Now the pain didn't disappear 100%, but it is making running bearable. 

After that experience, I started using KT Tape on my knee for all of my big races, especially since many of the bigger races have KT Tape booths at the expo so you can try it for free. And who doesn't like free? 

But as my body took a beating during marathon training for The Boston Marathon in April 2013, I needed support more often. I had been wearing bulky knee braces for the pain, but they would slip and just were more of an annoyance than an aid. I finally got the courage to try applying KT Tape myself rather than letting the experts do it at a race expo. :)

KT Tape has instructional videos on their website that make it easy enough for someone like me to correctly apply the tape.

I use it on my knee on a daily basis for stabilization during my runs/workouts and even just getting around the office on tough days. After injuring my wrist during an obstacle race this past summer, I needed something to help stabilize my wrist while strength training and KT Tape came to the rescue (pictured above).

Be better than me at applying sunscreen with your KT Tape ;)

Be better than me at applying sunscreen with your KT Tape ;)

So imagine my joy when I spotted USA's top talent also rocking KT Tape... in the Olympics!!! Did you notice it? 

Well with the Olympic over and I am feeling all the sads over that since I was glued to the TV for everything from table tennis to the marathon, I want to keep the Olympic mojo alive. And so does KT Tape.

Which means it is giveaway time!!! :) 

I will be giving away not 1 but 2 rolls of #TeamUSA KT Tape so you too can rock it like Meb!

Meb after finishing the marathon in Rio (source: unknown)

Meb after finishing the marathon in Rio (source: unknown)

Check out the details below on how to enter! Contest will run from August 23-August 30 when 2 winners will be chosen at random.

Disclaimer: I am a KT Tape Ambassador, but all opinions are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!