Have You Checked Out 300 Pounds And Running's New Podcast?

My boy Martinus of 300 Pounds and Running has taken the BIG plunge and started his own podcast. 


I've known Martinus for over four years and I thank the internet/social media every single day for bringing this bundle of joy into my life. 

So when he told me he was starting a podcast - I was over the moon.

When he told me he wanted me to be a guest - I was speechless.

Little old me?

Well I had an absolute ball chatting with him over Skype one night. I had no idea when he would be launching the podcast. 

But this past week I received a pretty kickass text from Martinus stating that it was finally time! His podcast would launch TODAY (Jan 9).

While I was jumping for joy for him, he told me I would be the first guest!

Saaayyy wwhhaa???

I am truly blown away and hope that my episodes lives up the honor.

So without further ado... please check out my time on the 300 Pounds And Running podcast.


Please be sure to subscribe to his podcast today and get your motivation on.