Guess Who's Back... Back Again! Dani's Back... Tell Your Friends!

Oh dear sweet blog readers!

I have let you and myself down again by letting my little slice of the internet fall to the wayside.

Do you want to know why?

Between work, travel, self-loathing and a life-changing decision (I'll get to that later), I have put the blog to the back burner.

hello 2.jpg

It makes me upset that I let this happen because updating this blog brings me such joy and keeps me focused on my weightloss, workouts and life in general.

Well let's get to the life-change right away...


That's right! All those trips to Amsterdam (three since June) have led to an amazing job opportunity that I couldn't pass up. The wife, the pups and I will be shipping across the pond on January 13, 2018.

It's all come about quickly, but we had to jump on it. You only live once right?

I let all of that travel and stress get to me and I let my workouts and Weight Watchers focus go to the wayside.

So today is Day 1 for the 657383906th time. It's frustrating that I have had to have more than 1 day 1, but let's look on the bright side. At least I love myself enough now to keep trying.


While I have loads to catch you up on including a Half Ironman, a marathon and two half marathons, I promise to myself (and to you) to focus on those as I kick off another blog streak. I don't have a certain number of days in mind, but I want to try my hardest to give myself 20-30 min a day to spend writing.

Can you forgive me and rejoin this journey of mine? I'd love to have you!