#FaceItFriday: A Loss & A Mindset Shift

Re-energized. Rejuvenated. Reengaged.

This past week has been one of the best week's I've had in ages not only from an eating perspective, but from a mind, body and soul perspective.

It still amazes me how much a mindset shift can affect my entire view on life. 

This past week I didn't think about the number on the scale at all. I didn't step on the scale once after vowing to all of you that I would only weigh in at my Friday morning Weight Watchers meeting and I stuck to that. Thankfully my scale is hidden underneath my bed so out of sight out of mind. :) 

Rather than a number, I focused on how I was feeling both physically and mentally. I mainly worked from home this week and obviously had a large number of food choices (mainly healthy) at my fingertips.

So what did I do?

Before every food choice I asked myself:

How Am I Feeling?

Many times when I would find myself in the kitchen, opening and closing cabinets, I would ask that question and would really be bored or frustrated. So I would recognize those feelings, close the cabinets and do something else to help the feelings move on.

Additionally this week I successfully:

  • Tracked every bite, lick and taste. Tracking streak is at 10 days (including today)!
  • Earned 6 blue dots on my WW app (which means I was within a certain number of pts of my daily points target)
  • Booze Free (Today is Day 11)
  • Blogged every day (Today is Day 8)
  • Drank at least 100oz of water every day
  • Successfully took my first complete rest day since October 2014 (and it was glorious)
  • Went to 2 social engagements in one day and brought my own snacks to both and didn't feel like I was missing out on anything
  • Ate in for dinner each night - ordered out once, but it was from Sweetgreen (so only 10 pts)... and delicious!!!
  • Getting over 8 hours of sleep four nights and over 7 hours 6 nights

Not every week is going to be like this, but I really wanted to get #Back2Basics for my first week back. But I didn't want to deprive myself of anything because having a bitter feeling about missing something never makes me feel good or want to stick with something.

Plus that has always my mantra throughout my Weight Watchers journey.

When I woke up this morning for my new Friday routine, I had a quick chat with myself before getting out of bed. I didn't care what the number on the scale was because I was proud of the choices I made and overall I felt so much better mentally. 

I mean we all know - and I especially know - that good choices lead to a positive mindset. But sometimes you have to live through it again to remind yourself truly how good it can be. I didn't want that muddled by being angry at a number on the scale.

Additionally my anxiety levels have drastically dropped over the past 11 days. This is HUGE!! I really need that to continue to drop.

Here is how my tracker looked by Thursday night. I used 28 of my 42 weekly points. I didn't touch any of my Fitpoints. I have unsynced my Fitbit so I am only going to be accruing Fitpoints from my manually entered activities.

My Friday morning routine worked the same as last week: Strength Training class (drinking water because it would be stupid not to), eating something to make sure I was fueled for a good workout, bought my post-weigh in coffee and off to WW I went.

I stepped on the scale and my friend/leader Tara said down 3 lbs. Wow! Adios bloat. I know the first week is usually bigger than others and again most of it is probably bloat, but I was still wicked proud.

Current weight: 175.6
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

Since I know looking at having to shed 20 additional pounds to be back at goal is too large for me, I am breaking it down to a smaller goal.

My next focus is getting back into the 160s. So I will focus on the next 5 lbs and use that as my motivator as I head into Week 2.

I will continue focusing on my mind over the number on the scale and pledge again to not step on the scale before next Friday's meeting. 

Thank you all for your love and support and I need to tell you how much it means to me. I can feel each of you in my corner when I face tough decisions, doubt myself or step on the scale.

Here's to an amazing week for us all... :)