#FaceItFriday: One Month Back On Weight Watchers

Folks is time moving ridiculously fast or is it just me? Not only on the week scale, but also on the monthly/yearly aspect. I have no idea how it is already time for another edition of #FaceItFriday!

I want to thank everyone again for reaching out with words of encouragement and sharing about your own struggles. It really makes me smile ear to ear to be a part of each of YOUR journeys as well. We are not alone because we have each other!! :) :) 

Well it is somehow Friday again and time to share how this past week went! 

Let's start with the workouts:

Workouts this past week:

Friday - 45 min strength training class + 1800m swim
Saturday - 10 miler
Sunday - 45 min kickboxing class
Monday - 3000m swim
Tuesday - 30 min bike trainer + 45 min Flywheel class
Wednesday - 45 min strength training class + 1600m swim
Thursday - 60 min bike trainer + 45 min Flywheel class

Friends it has been amazing to get back to Flywheel this week. This spin class kicks my ass each and every time and I love it! It is one of the best workouts I have ever had. On Tuesday I took a colleague of mine - it was his first ever spin class... and HE LOVED IT! We enjoyed salads at Sweetgreen after. It was one enjoyable Tuesday night out.

I was wicked proud of all of my workouts this week, but the best one was hitting a new PR in the pool: 3000m or 1.86 miles. My longest swim before that was 2800m - about 2+ years ago. It felt awesome to push myself on that day and now I look forward to some day hitting 2 miles in a swim session.

As you can see I kept it to one run this week again as I work on healing my injured hip and knee. 

Overall this past week I again focused on my daily habits app and the guidelines I set week 1:

  • Tracked every bite, lick and taste. Tracking streak is at 31 days (including today)!
  • Earned 7 blue dots on my WW app (which means I was within a certain number of pts of my daily points target)
  • Booze Free (Today is Day 32)
  • Blogged every day (Today is Day 29)
  • Drank at least 100oz of water every day (Today is Day 31)
  • Logged at least 10k steps (Today is Day 19)

How cute are these little messages that now appear in the WW app? :) 

Here is how my tracker looked by Thursday night. I used 32 of my 35 weekly points. I didn't touch any of my Fitpoints. I have unsynced my Fitbit so I am only going to be accruing Fitpoints from my manually entered activities.

I FINALLY broke the goal of 50 Fitpoints. It takes a lot for me to label something "high intensity" so I rarely hit 50, but this week Flywheel is ABSOLUTELY given high intensity!!!

With additional strength training (namely squats) this week, I wasn't feel optimistic at the scale. From past experience, I usually gain when I can feel the fluid in my legs. I know it is necessary to repair the muscles, but hate that it can negatively impact the scale. But I went in saying I would accept whatever number I was given since I honestly feel the BEST I have felt in over a year.

This morning I enjoyed my new normal Friday activities

  • Strength training class
  • Buy my coffee to enjoy post weigh-in
  • Change into my weigh-in dress
  • Get on the scale

And today Tara said... you are down 1.8!

Total Lost: 64.6 (47 with WW)
Current weight: 170.4
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

This means I am down 8.2 lbs since re-joining WW one month ago.

WOO! This whole getting #Back2Basics experiment worked out very well. I have learned a lot about what what I need to continue including in my life and what I will continue to stay away from (both food-wise and in general for life).

What paid off this first month?

  • Tracking, of course, has played a big role in this. 
  • Eating out less - when we did order dinner out once a week it was a salad from Sweetgreen instead of pizza or Chinese
  • Booze free
  • Weighing and measuring my food when possible
  • Pre-planning - listing out an outline of food for the day in the morning and working through that (allowing for changes of course) each day
  • Reaching for fruits and veggies first to make sure I was really hungry and not just bored
  • Having the wife fully on board. She is counting calories on MyFitnessPal, but we are both on the path to being healthier versions of us
  • Focusing on other outlets when the urge to emotionally eat started to rear its ugly head: blogging, working out, texting with friends, working, etc
  • Instituting a bedtime! Boy the difference a good night sleep makes is crazy ... and when you string a number of those together - WATCH OUT :) 
  • Drinking water again
  • Positive self talk

For the most part I didn't feel deprived over the last month. I won't lie and say it wasn't hard to stay booze free and to not devour some pretzels/waffles while at our monthly brewery run. But I had a goal and I wanted to prove to myself I could.

Now for the month of March, I will be re-introducing somethings I banned in February:

  • Booze is back. (I will go over goals for March in next week's post)
  • Dining out/hanging out with friends (I did this last month, but it was on a smaller scale compared to what I see coming up in March)
  • Using some/all Fitpoints in addition to my daily and weekly points

I am not going to go crazy over this next week, but I am going to indulge on Sunday with beer and lunch with friends after I complete my 50th career half. As of now, the plan for the week is the to indulge only on Sunday. I will have what I want, but I am going to try to track it all. That way I can keep the other days in check.

But what this past month has taught me is that my head is back in the game and I will shed those final 15.4 pounds (to get back to goal - 155). The goal now? I would like to shed them before my half ironman in June, but the real goal is before we go to Disney in July! The wife and I want to go to the pool and feel comfortable.

Note: there is nothing about having to lose weight to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, etc, but this is a tangible goal that motivates us.

Here's to another week of learning and growing. Remember: we are always learning!!!