#FaceItFriday: Unexpected Loss & Sticking To My Plan

We all know I enjoy working out. I find joy in going for a run with friends. I like seeing the sweat pour off me as I push myself through a spin class or a bike trainer workout. I thrive on the endorphins from a good swim session.

But this week has been tough. This week I have been dreaming of eating all the things and drinking all the wine instead of completing my workouts.

But I haven't! :)

Saturday - 10 miler
Sunday - 45 min spin class
Monday - 2400m swim
Tuesday - 70 min bike trainer
Wednesday - 45 min strength training class
Thursday - 65 min bike trainer
Friday - 45 min strength training class

Outside of working my training plan around a bum hip, I have been sticking to my "no booze until Feb 26 plan" and working on my emotional eating. YAY!!! Go me!

This week I got my period (sorry guys TMI) and that led to wanting to eat all of the chocolate! Instead each morning I wrote out my food outline for the day and stuck to it. This allowed me to 1) check myself to see if the desire was truly hunger or just a craving and 2) ask myself: "how am I feeling right now?" Most of the time it was I'm feeling crampy and want to end feeling with chocolate. :P 

This "sticking to the plan" won't always happen, but I am going to celebrate winning this past week.

In addition to it being that time of the month, we also got hit with a nice snowstorm in Boston. We got a nice 11 inches of snow in less than 12 hours. Between a tough day at work and shoveling, I really wanted to sit down and enjoy a nice beer. But I didn't! I again stuck to the plan and enjoyed a dark chocolate hot cocoa (3sp) instead. Not the same, but it helped me get through the craving.

From Thursday 2/9/17

From Thursday 2/9/17

Overall this past week I focused on my daily habits app and the guidelines I set week 1:

  • Tracked every bite, lick and taste. Tracking streak is at 17 days (including today)!
  • Earned 6 blue dots on my WW app (which means I was within a certain number of pts of my daily points target)
  • Booze Free (Today is Day 18)
  • Blogged every day (Today is Day 15)
  • Drank at least 100oz of water every day (Today is Day 18)

Again my anxiety levels felt under control this past week and I am wicked thankful for that!

Here is how my tracker looked by Thursday night. I used 27 of my 42 weekly points. I didn't touch any of my Fitpoints. I have unsynced my Fitbit so I am only going to be accruing Fitpoints from my manually entered activities.

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was wake up at 5am to dig my car out, but I knew I'd feel better after my Friday morning workout and my weigh-in. I wasn't going to be able to stay for the meeting, but I owed myself the weigh-in... even when I expected a bloated gain!

So I rocked my Strength Training class, enjoyed a little downtime in the car then went in to get weighed. I told Tara I expected a gain. I've weighed in enough with my period over the last 7+ years to know my body.

Then she said it... you're down! Ummm wha? Really?

Down 0.8! 4 sticks of butter! Heck yeah I will take that.

Current weight: 174.8
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

I grabbed my weekly, skipped the free sample and headed out to work. 

While it was nice to see a loss on the scale, I really left proud of how I have been feeling in the first two weeks back. I am starting to feel happier, less bloated (besides the period bloat), more in control and like I am getting closer to the "me" I want to be. 

So I will leave you with my #1 moment from the past week. This morning at my class, our instructor Zak said we would be deadlifting 75 lbs. I walked over to the bar and said "Wow! It would be cool to deadlift the amount of weight I lost." 

Well I did that and then some. Round 1 I successfully deadlifted and walked with 75 lbs and on rounds 2 and 3 I did 95 lbs! WOO! I can't wait to track my progress as I continue with this class.

Never stop doubting yourself my friends. Even when we feel lost - we are never truly gone until we stop trying!