Three Things Thursday: Brain Dump

Good Evening My Friends! Today marks Day 21 of my blogging streak! Woo! I think in October I hit 34 days. I have noticed the difference in my mood already taking some time each day to jot down some thoughts or writing up a race recap. Even if I only have about 10 minutes (like tonight).

I started this slice of the internet for just that reason: to take that weight off my shoulders. ;) 

While I only have a few minutes to write tonight I wanted to do a bit of a random brain dump on everyone before I head to bed in preparation of tomorrow's #FaceItFriday!

1) A belated & special #MedalMonday mention

The dear, sweet, amazing Rebecca gave me this personalized medal in honor of my run streak. It says "Dani #WOMSStreak Day 828 1/29/2017" I cannot thank Becca enough for such a sweet gesture! I cannot wait to cheer her on as she trains for her first marathon!!!! ❤❤❤❤

How did I become so lucky to have such amazingly sweet and special people in my life?

Sunday marked the 2 week anniversary from ending my streak. I thought I would fall into a depression or feel lost without it... but it hasn't! I have actually really enjoyed taking a step back, focusing on my injury, enjoying cross training and taking an honest to goodness rest day! THIS is how I know it was time to end the streak and I can't stress enough how important it was that I took control of how/when it ended. I think if the streak was taken away from me it would've been a different story completely.

2) Inspiration all around... especially on my foot

Since I have been gently guided into the direction of cutting back my running to help my ailing hip, I have been focusing on cross training like swimming and cycling. While on my bike trainer in my living room, I place different items on my handlebars as motivation: medals, Boston Marathon confirmation letter, etc.

But what about in the pool? I can't be carrying around a picture in a baggie? Well I could but I am already the person at the pool training in my wife's hand-me-down bathing suit and using a post-it note with my workout written on it. Yes I get some looks. Yes I need to grow up and get my own bathing suit, but I'm lazy. :P

So instead I look to my foot.

The tattoo on my left foot has grown just like my comfort zone. :)

Thus far it represents:

  • 13.1 - half marathon (49 so far)
  • 26.2 - marathon (11 so far)
  • Bike, Swim and Run symbols for the triathlons I have completed
  • 48.6 & Mickey - in honor of my first Dopey Challenge (inaugural year 2014)
  • Ragnar symbol - to remember the 3 (so far) Ragnar Relay races I've completed
  • 70.3 & a pumpkin - in honor of my first Half Ironman (Pumpkinman in 2014)
  • 40 & TARC symbol - in honor of my first (and last) Ultra (TARC 40-miler in 2016)
  • 4-15-13 - to remember where I was the day of the Boston Marathon bombings

Whenever I have a twinge of the "I can't do this" during a workout or if I am struggling during my weight loss journey, I simply look down and am reminded of what I have been strong enough to finish!

What will be next?

3) Comparison Game aka Trap

For some reason this week has been super tough combatting the comparison game with things i see/read on social media. 

In my mind I KNOW I am enough and I like the person I am (working on saying love there), but occasionally there are those twinges of "why not me?," "i should be doing that," or "I can never..."

It's a waste of mental energy, but sometimes it is even more exhausting constantly having to turn those negative thoughts around to positive ones. Do you agree?

So today I focused on the things I AM rather than the things I AM NOT.

It was seriously exhausting exercise on top of work and life, but I know I am worth it. Especially with a weigh-in looming in the morning, I need to make sure I am going into tomorrow in the most positive, me-liking mood I can be. ;)

So there my friends is what you get tonight. It is a mish. It is a mash. It is random, but my brain has been dumped and I can now go back to a little Disney Emoji Blitz before bed. 

Until tomorrow my loves!