#ThreeThingsThursday: NEW Must-Have Products From Brands I Love

Could we have a Thursday without a little #TBT? 

Well sure, but this picture popped into my "On This Day" on Facebook and I had to share it! :) This is from a character stop during Princess 10k in 2015. Do you think Maleficent is having any fun out there? ;) 

Man I wish I had run Princess this year - did you see that bling? Oh well, #adulting. It has taken all of my being to not sign up for the Disneyland Double Dare challenge in September. The 10k is Monsters Inc and the Half is Toy Story! Ummm HELLO!!! Again #adutling.


Anywho... let's get down to business. 

Happy March! With a new month comes new product announcements from companies you and I love. Soooo I thought I should share my top 3 with each of you!

PRO Compression

Now you know March has to be one of my favorite months right? Does the IrishEyes give it away? ;) 

Well if you enjoy Shamrocks as much as this girl then you will want to jump on the latest PRO sock! When it sells out... it is OUT!

Grab yours before your St. Patty's Day race.




Many of you know I was at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon when the bombs went off on 4-15-2013. Not a moment goes by that I don't think about that day. The city rallied together after that incident and encapsulated the words #BostonStrong. 

Momentum Jewelry has unveiled their latest wraps ($18.99) and brought back their foot notes ($9.99) with those strong words for a limited time. 

Please know you don't have to be running The Boston Marathon to purchase either. 


Sparkly Soul

And last but certainly not least is the latest Sparkly Soul design.

Do you run for donuts? 

Do you eat donuts to avoid running? 

Do you love donuts, but don't eat them because of calories/Points Values?

Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions the new Sparkly Soul donut headband ($17) is for YOU!



Alright have we all given our credit cards a bit of a workout? ;)

Let me know which item(s) above you bought! Let's be twins! :)