#MotivationMonday: Unexpected Non-Scale Victory (#NSV)

This morning I woke up determined to be proud of the progress I've made since re-joining Weight Watchers at the end of January. It's had its up and downs, but overall I am down over 14 lbs and less than 10 pounds to being back at my goal weight.

Seeing the number I want to see on the scale will happen, but for now I need to cherish the small victories along the way... many of which DON'T have to do with the number on the scale. 

I've been consistent with strength training, which has been a MAJOR weakness of mine in the past.

I've been CRUSHING my Flywheel classes and enjoying the challenge!

I've been tracking every single bite, lick and taste, which is a major win to help own and move on from slip-ups.

So today I walked into our guest room, opened up the closet and pulled out a goal dress of mine. I had hung it up briefly when I rejoined WW to remind myself of where I wanted to be. 

I wore this size 8 Old Navy dress at my cousin's rehearsal dinner for her wedding in August 2015. I hadn't been able to wear it since.

I am about 6 lbs heavier than I was for that wedding so I thought why not try it on. It will give me a barometer for where I am.

I took the dress out of the closet, unzipped the back, started to step in, while looking into my own eyes in the full-length mirror in that closet and I froze.

What if it wouldn't get over my hips?
What if I was so heavy I couldn't even reach the zipper?
What was I thinking?

Shut up negative self! It's okay if I couldn't get it over my hips. It'd be okay if I couldn't reach the zipper. I was thinking that I needed a little non-scale check-in.

We all know muscle and fat weigh the same, but muscle takes up 1/3 of the room in our body than fat. 

I just kept repeating that in my head.

I locked back in with my eyes and returned to the task at hand.

The dress made it over the hips. I could reach the zipper. I went to pull the zipper up, fully expecting it to get stuck around my ribs...

... BUT IT DIDN'T!!!!!!!

AHHHH!!! I was able to fully zip it up and I ran into the bathroom screaming at the wife that it fit! IT FIT!!!

THIS is how I really felt when it happened.

Well of course I had to wear it TO work to celebrate. 

It fit - no sucking in or spanx needed!

Now THAT was the pick-me-up I needed, while I continue the battle to the best ME I can be!

What is your most-recent #NSV?